Monday 7 February 2022

The project conclusion process



The conclusion of the project is a summary of the work of the research project, and also the identification of the research results, which is the last link of the topic. so what is the process of closing the project? this article introduces the process of concluding the topic to you.

introduction to the project conclusion process

first of all, the project organizer will issue a notice of the conclusion of the project to the research group

each project has already passed the closing time at the time of application, so the project organizer will issue a notice of conclusion after the closing time is up. among them, including the relevant requirements for the conclusion of the question, the members of the research group prepared relevant materials according to the requirements of the conclusion of the question, and concluded the question according to the requirements.

second, prepare the materials needed for the project

1. project application and review form (the original seal that is generally approved and approved)

2. notice of approval of project approval (such as approval documents, project approval notices, etc., generally original)

3. project opening report (above must have the opening and signature of the opening review expert)

4. phased summary materials for project research (interim report, phased results, etc.)

5. final report of the project research (application for conclusion, general report of the research, etc.)

6. attachments:

(1) project achievements (collection of papers, monographs, certificates of awards for teachers and students, etc.)

(2) research materials related to the project (teaching cases, questionnaires, etc.)

then, submit the closing materials

there are requirements for the submission of closing materials in the closing notice, and the members of the subject need to submit them as required.

after that, the expert group of the project organizer will identify the project results

there are two methods for identifying the results of the project conclusion, which can be referred to in detail: what are the methods of the project conclusion appraisal? i won't go into too much detail here.

Finally, the research group determines whether the project is successfully concluded

Successfully concluded projects will receive a certificate of completion.

After understanding the project conclusion process, you can prepare in advance. for more questions about the conclusion of the project, or for authors who need to declare a project, you can consult our online academic advisors.

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