Wednesday 2 February 2022

The importance of trust on the project

Trust. The mere mention of the word evokes either warm feelings or wariness. It is earned for years and lost in minutes. It is almost impossible to restore.

Why in the blog about project management, I decided to write about trust?

Trust is something that has a critical impact on a project. If there is a trusting atmosphere on the project, if the project curator and the project manager have a trusting relationship, if the project manager and the project team also have mutual trust, this is certainly not a guarantee of the success of the project, but almost certainly, all parties do their best to achieve the goals of the project. This is how trust is most often achieved in the course of project activities. Hard and continuous work to achieve the goals of the project. In this article, I would like to describe the way in which it is possible to achieve the trust of the team and the curator in the project manager.

The first thing to understand is that trust does not arise by itself. It arises as a result of actions. Of course, not all actions of the project manager lead to an increase in the level of trust. The activities of the project manager should have some characteristics. They should be:

3.Aimed at achieving the objectives of the project
8.Professional By these characteristics,

I mean the following:

Consistency. Demonstration of a systematic approach shows the competence of the project manager. His ability to cover the entire project, and his position in the company. Systematic actions of the project manager means closing risks in different areas of knowledge, understanding the general and specific problems of the project and ways to solve them, the breadth of the horizon of knowledge on management, the ability to understand the project as a whole and decompose it into components of the work.

  • Sequence. Demonstrating a consistent approach means that the project participants have confidence that the decisions made will not change, that the word is followed by action. That they don't have to fear that the work they do will go to the "paper trash." The sequence of actions is one of the characteristics of a strong leader.
  • Focus on achieving the goals of the project. All stakeholders should understand that the project will be implemented. That's right and no other way. And the demonstration of the project manager's focus on the result gives this understanding to others.

Justice. It is also a characteristic of a strong leader. Treating all project team members fairly increases trust. Everyone can count on their efforts to be noticed and encouraged. And everyone will understand that qualities such as laziness, negligence or incompetence are unacceptable, regardless of rank or merit.

Honesty. A necessary trait of a strong leader. Surely, each of us once behaved dishonestly. And you need to understand that even a little dishonesty towards one of the members of the project team will greatly undermine the confidence in you as a leader, other team members and undermine confidence in you. If you have allowed dishonesty, then you are capable of it.

  • Intelligibility. The actions of the project manager should be understandable to all interested parties. People need to understand not only what you're doing, but why. Clarity of actions is very important at the initial stage of the project, as well as when working with new people, when the level of trust is not yet high.
  • Transparency. The ability to check your actions, to see live the correspondence of words to the deed, the plan to the fact, and there is transparency of actions. Transparency of the project manager's actions is very important to ensure sustainable growth of trust.
  • Professionalism. You are the project manager. This means that you set the atmosphere in the team, you are responsible for the result of the project and the progress of the project depends on your decisions. Choose informed, professional solutions and approaches and all stakeholders will trust you, simply because you are a professional and know what you are doing.

As long as the above principles are observed in your actions, not a single seed of distrust will grow on your project. We wish you successful projects and mutual trust with colleagues and stakeholders!

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