Wednesday 9 February 2022

The basis for the success of a project is successful team management

For many project managers, project team management is probably one of the biggest headaches they face, and team management is one of the most important parts of the project management process: although successful team management does not necessarily guarantee the success of the project, failed team management inevitably leads to the failure of the project. 


In a project team, there are a variety of different people, they have different backgrounds, have different strengths, and have different personality traits. how to give full play to the enthusiasm and strengths of each team member, and ensure that these enthusiasm and strengths can be consistent with the project goals, is a problem that every project manager must deal with in team management. interestingly, we find such a very vivid and successful case in the classical novel journey to the west. let's take a look at "project team management" in journey to the west.

in "journey to the west", the four tang monks and disciples went through all kinds of difficulties and dangers, starting from the "eastern tang dynasty" and finally completing the task of "taking the scriptures from the western heavens". 


From the perspective of project management, this itself is the implementation process of a project, and it is also in line with the general characteristics of the project, that is, "specificity" (the project task is "western heaven", and the project delivery is " scripture") and "process" (after completing the task, submitting the project delivery  scripture", the project is declared over). 


Other elements in the completion of the task are also complete: including the "beneficiary" of the project deliverables (the tang emperor), the "sponsor" of the project, and the support guarantee system during the implementation of the project (the gods).

the "project team" in "journey to the west" is also in line with the general characteristics of the project team: the four tang monks and apprentices constitute the project implementation team, and the team members have different backgrounds, abilities and personality characteristics; tang monk, the team leader, also faces many general problems faced by project managers in team management:

the project team members are not selected by himself, but by the management body of the project implementation organization. the three disciples of the tang monks, even including the white dragon horse, were identified by the "superior leader"before he set out; in other words, he did not "elect human rights."

the technical ability of the project team members is stronger than him (at least they can soar through the clouds and ride the fog, and they are all stronger than him in terms of martial arts), all of them have a certain head (originally they are all above the position of general in the heavenly palace), and some people have certain management experience (was once a marshal of the water army).

team members have different business capabilities and work attitudes, there are strong business ability but arrogant, there are medium business ability but the work attitude is not serious, not positive, "push a little" (such as the eight precepts of the pig), there are although diligent, hard work and complaints but the business level is poor (such as sand monks), how to form these people into a team with combat effectiveness is a big problem.

although there are certain "administrative powers" in name, such as the "right to punish" (pronounce the "tightening curse"), the "right to dismiss" (to get rid of the apprentice), etc., i also know that without these people (especially the one with strong professional ability but arrogant heart), the project cannot be completed; moreover, the "right to evaluate performance" and the "right to reward" are in the hands of superior leaders (the reward work after the completion of the  is the responsibility of the , and the tang monks do not even have the "right to suggest").

but it was this tang monk, who lacked "administrative power" and was not strong in "technical ability", who led this team to complete a task that ordinary people seemed difficult to complete. from this point of view, as a "project manager", tang monk does have a lot to learn.

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