Thursday 3 February 2022

Team motivation

Yesterday the boss was another vigorous motivational speech, but some of them wanted to fall asleep, and some finally left with dissatisfaction, hoping that after the passionate speech, everyone could work more enthusiastically, but it seemed to increase everyone's exclusion and resistance; 


i also fell into deep thinking, why some companies can consciously realize 996 (9 in the morning and 9 in the evening, 6 days a week) without incentives? why do some companies exhaust their tricks (speeches, pie drawings, cheering up, and even having dinner with the president), but employees are still depressed and demoralized?

Of course, there are many kinds of incentive methods, such as material rewards (full attendance awards, overtime subsidies, car supplements, outstanding contribution awards, year-end awards, etc.), as well as spiritual rewards (recognition, affirmation, respect), and future achievement awards (options, equity), and of course, there are position promotion awards, there are so many forms of rewards, why are your employees still indifferent, step-by-step, unhurried work, without any passion at all? 


this is the problem of motivation, if you treat the employee as an employee, set up more rewards, the purpose is still to make him a good employee of yours, still did not give him the most important and core driving force - the sense of ownership. cultivating a sense of ownership is to let your employees have the boss's work mentality, so that your employees really become colleagues or partners, then it is not enough to have chicken blood, but more importantly, it is necessary to have the appropriate incentive mechanism – corresponding to each other's power, interests, responsibilities, working environment and hopes:


powers are mainly divided into executive power and decision-making power on professional issues:

  • there is not much to say about administrative power, which is mainly directly related to the level of the post, which is the basis for the normal operation of the institution and rarely affects everyone's working status;
  • the decision-making power of professional issues is often the place where many managers or bosses are easy to cross the line, because they have the administrative power to reward and punish, and they interfere with the professional choice of each executive position, which is the best way to combat enthusiasm;
  • professional decision-making power should not be directly related to the position, giving employees full professional opportunities, who is professional and who makes decisions (others can make suggestions or opinions), who decides who is responsible – this is what is often said to be decentralization.


employees work hard day and night, and in addition to the dream of changing the world, it is more important to solve their own financial problems:

  • let your employees become shareholders of the company, that is, common options, equity; but also to give everyone the corresponding shareholder power, do not let the equity become a form; in addition, the premise of the option equity can work is to make your colleagues believe that your product can be successful (the premise of belief is to let everyone see the founder's personality charm and the full reason for strategic decision-making), let everyone see the hope (hope is the timely feedback of market share or income);
  • give employees the maximum compensation you can give, employees and bosses, want to maximize the benefits, so don't be stingy. scattered wealth is an eternal truth, can be 15 salaries on the 14, everyone will see very clearly;
  • just like the principle of making a product is to exceed user expectations, the return to your employees should also exceed everyone's expectations;
  • don't do the company in a way that saves money, that is the poor thinking in the eyes of investors, and it is not good for everyone.


of course, with power and corresponding interests, it is also necessary to bear the corresponding responsibilities:

  • serious mistakes require the willingness to be deducted bonuses or performance pay (your boss has more losses than you)
  • if you don't complete the task, you need to be willing to pay less (or your boss has more to lose than you)

work environment

let the company become a second home, home is a comfortable, comfortable, people do not want to leave the place, then how cool how to come:

  • flexible working system, as long as it does not affect teamwork, does not affect the progress and quality of the project, employees can arrive at 11 am and leave at 11 pm;
  • double 11 want to grab something; the spring festival home to book tickets, then do it in the company, anyway is what employees must do;
  • do not refuse a reasonable leave request, unless the project is going online, unless it affects the expected progress of the project (such as taking a leave of absence for 1 month);
  • prepare a bed for your colleagues so that everyone can rest when they are sleepy;
  • wish

let your employees see hope every day:

  • do your best to clarify your business plan and strategic decisions, so that everyone believes that you are right to follow you;
  • timely feedback to everyone on the latest market situation, report to your employees on the growth, revenue and share of the company's products;
  • give full play to your personality charm, not only let users become your fans, but also let employees become your fans;
  • with such an incentive mechanism, employees naturally have a sense of ownership, with a sense of ownership, there is also an internal drive, which is much more useful than chicken blood...

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