Monday 14 February 2022

Team management in the hands of project management

A system requires not only good analysis and design, but also a good process to transform it from blueprint to implementation. the most important thing in this process is the management of the team, that is, the management of people. 


The effectiveness of a good team and a bad team is a world apart, and the ratio between them is not expressed by quantitative figures such as 1:100 or 1:1000. it's like one team building a skyscraper that stands in the sky, and another team's building is not yet 10 meters high and starts to crumbling! this is the qualitative difference, but also the difference in the soul of the team.

the leader of the team is the project manager, and his ability/quality directly affects the success or failure of the project! we don't need all members of a team to be good, but to ensure the success of your project, hire a good project manager!

in the past, i usually worked alone, and at most i was working with two or three people, and the project was progressing well. now responsible for the development of a larger project, it is necessary to coordinate the entire team member to ensure the progress of the project. i thought it was a very simple thing, just like before. as a result, as the project progressed, there were more and more problems, and most of them were not technical, but the management and coordination of team members. to make a team efficient and stay productive, we need to spend a lot of effort. the following points are summarized from my practice some time ago, just a summary of my own experience, and i do not intend to write a complete paper on team management, after all, my skills in this regard are still very shallow. i hope to share with you more experience in this regard. the management of the team needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) let the right person do the right thing. understand the knowledge structure and background of each team member, know what they are good at, and assign tasks to those who can solve it most effectively and quickly.

(2) form a document in the form of a list of the main functions/tasks of the project, and form a document in the form of a list of the stage tasks of each team member. this is important, otherwise, you and your team members will often forget what your goals are and what you want to do.

(3) don't give team members the feeling that our project is not in a hurry. let every team member have a sense of urgency. it is impossible for a comfortable/lazy group to submit a project on time and in good quality, even if the project is not urgent in nature.

(4) before the previous stage of the team member's task is submitted, the next stage of the team member's task should be arranged. don't leave any of the group members idle. because at any given time, any module of the system needs to be improved/refactored/organized, and our design/implementation is never good enough.

(5) for a specific link, clearly and unambiguously tell your team members what you want, otherwise, you are ready to tell him the same thing a second time and a third time. getting another person to fully understand your intentions is not a simple task.

(6) communicate fully. as far as this project is concerned, the communication between you and your crew may not be enough!

(7) exercise/guide your team members and believe in your team members. if you're a good programmer as a project manager, don't trust yourself to be able to do all the major/core functions. you may be able to complete a module, but more modules are done by your team members.

(8) do not be the only one who is alone. you may be convinced that your solution is excellent, but if your team members propose a new plan, then please pay attention to this new plan and choose the one that is more suitable for the current project from the two solutions without discrimination. i took a lot of great ideas from the team members and applied them to the project.

(9) resolute execution! the premise is that you must have sufficient judgment and determination. when some issues are inconclusive, you need to make a decision.

(10) treat each team member fairly and justly. don't take sides with either one!

(11) remember that the project manager is not an "official".

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