Saturday 12 February 2022

Project personnel transfers

In the process of the project, the personnel adjustment can be said to be a major disaster of the project, especially for the development of software projects, it is the worst disaster.


the individual disadvantages of the project staff adjustment are summarized as follows,

first, it may be felt that the paratroopers need to adapt to time, which includes adaptation to project objectives, team culture, and work pace;

second, the airborne soldiers may have a lot of differences in their work ideas from others, so most of the time, they can't understand the needs of the project, and there is no direction to do things, and it feels like they are carrying a pot.

third, due to the transfer of personnel, it is necessary to do the handover work, and because the work of the former person may only do a part, there is no way to do a detailed and rigorous handover, resulting in the latter person taking over, need to be familiar with it from scratch;

how to avoid

in the company, the flow of personnel is normal, but how to reduce the flow of personnel, to minimize the loss caused by the flow of personnel?

because of the needs, it changes, and everyone comes and goes for a certain purpose. whether it is salary or ideal, whether it is forced by the pressure of life or for the purpose of life. students who have heard about maslow's needs should know that people's needs are roughly divided into five levels:

(1) physiological needs

(2) safety need - the whole organism is a mechanism for the pursuit of safety, and human receptors, effector organs, intelligence and other energies are mainly tools for seeking safety, and even science and outlook on life can be regarded as part of meeting safety needs;

(3) emotional and belonging needs

(4) the need to be respected - people want to have a stable social status, requiring the ability and achievement of the individual to be recognized by society. the need for respect can be divided into internal respect and external respect. internal respect refers to a person's desire to be strong, competent, confident, and independent in a variety of situations. in short, internal respect is human self-esteem. external respect refers to a person's desire to have status, prestige, respect, trust and high praise from others;

(5) self-realization need - is the highest level of needs, refers to the realization of personal ideals, ambitions, exert personal ability to the maximum extent, to achieve the realm of self-realization of the person, accept themselves and accept others, problem-solving ability to enhance, self-consciousness improvement, good at independent handling, the need to be undisturbed alone, to complete all things commensurate with their own ability.

therefore, in order to meet the needs of individuals, company leaders or team managers need to pay attention to relevant aspects and make employees better serve the company while meeting the needs of employees to the greatest extent.

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