Friday 18 February 2022

Project Activity Report

 At the end of the project, as a rule, a report on the implementation of the project is developed. Such a report is received by the customer of the project. Copies of the project report are received by the project team members and the project manager. For the project team, the report is important because this document has the opportunity to show all the positive results of the project. The report is the basis for a financial settlement with individual project team specialists, especially when they came under a temporary contract from other firms or organizations.

For the report, the following retention points are offered:

- What solution does the project team propose for the problem;

- What results were obtained through the project;

- What problems arose during the implementation of the project;

- What weaknesses took place in the project;

- How can you characterize the causes of weaknesses.

Instead of a report, the project customer can draw up a protocol on the adoption of the results of project activities. The protocol points to possible errors, the necessary measures to eliminate shortcomings and the possible reduction of wages due to identified errors.

A project report can be developed easily if the project implementation process has been fixed in the project diary. The project diary contains reports of specialists for a certain period of the project (week or stage of the project implementation) on the amount of time used, on activities on the list of project activities and on the results achieved.

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