Thursday 3 February 2022

How to control and advance the project timeline?

Usually, after the company determines the product direction, the two most important points are: project schedule and product quality; i believe that many product managers will encounter more or less problems in advancing the project schedule. so today we will discuss what are the factors that affect the progress of the project? how to control the progress of the project?

let's take an example

take the 2.2.0 version i just completed, this version is actually the addition of 3 practical tools, taking the project approach; there are 4 time nodes

first: on march 20, i completed the product prototyping, requirements documentation, requirements meeting, project document confirmation (every project participant must confirm) and officially established the project

second: on march 23, the design draft was determined and the cut drawing was submitted to r&d

Third: On April 11, the beta version was released, at which time iOS and Andirod had checked the functions and completed the joint tuning with the background

fourth: on april 15, after a week of testing, it was officially launched without obvious bugs

as can be seen from the above example, our time nodes are very clear, of course, you will say "our usual project progress time is also very clear, why can't we go online on time and with high quality?" "let me give you an analysis of the reasons for "well-known"! (we all understand the reason, but still do not do a good job of products, heart congestion?) )

factors and solutions that affect the progress of the project

1. there are constantly new requirements inserted

(1) the product direction is undecided, the boss always pats his head, yesterday said zhang sanjia's products, today talked about li sijia's project

Leave this company and don't waste your youth on your career in order to get paid; what is the responsibility of the CEO? Looking for money, looking for people, looking for direction, the direction of the product is not determined, there is no decision and methodology of its own (you can see the decision and methodology mentioned in a previous article I posted "Are you a function manager or a product manager") The company does not go far; the product manager is the closest person to the CEO, if you do not understand the direction of the product, it is definitely a mess.

(2) the version control mechanism is not perfect

the ceo is very clear about the general direction of the product, but always in the version of the quick success; this situation is the version control mechanism is not perfect, what you have to do is to fight with the ceo, the importance of version control let the ceo understand, he does not understand, you block the door of his office to talk, block the door of his toilet to talk, block the conversation when eating; until you convince him, although very tired, but you are very good.

2. constantly adjust the demand logic

page styles and copywriting are not taken into account.

this situation is that the product manager did not sort out the requirements, i said in the above example: when the project is established, my prototype design, requirements document, requirements meeting, and project documentation have been completed, which requires a certain amount of time to think; even if you use 2 weeks to repeatedly deliberate on the logic in the early stage, do not rush to come up with the prototype and develop; because later you will find that the cost of not sorting out the logic is: you feel that you are busy, tired, and tired of dealing with various problems in development. so be sure to repeatedly deliberate on your own product logic.

3. there is a barrier to communication between the product and the design

(1) the design does not understand the requirements

this is simple, take the time to tell the designer to get it. 1 times can not do 2 times, 2 times not 4 times, when the fight is about to start, ask the designer to go to a drink, if it is a girl to buy some snacks, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

(2) the designer is new and does not understand the design direction of the product

in this case, the first needs time to run in; the second is the fastest way to find an application on the market that is similar to the direction of your product to copy the style. for example, if you are doing a business class, then go find a more successful business type application and change the color on the line.

4. r&d does not understand the needs, the enthusiasm is not high

(1) Then go to more and R & D communication, move to understand the reason; no longer can draw the cake, will not draw the cake of the product manager is not a good CEO; do everything possible to let them understand the needs, to work overtime to complete the project on time; at the same time must repeatedly emphasize a point: when out of the beta version, the background and the client is more than 2 times, iOS and Andirod is checked more than 2 times; complete the above steps, the product manager's test task will be much easier, and the incidence of bugs will be reduced.

(2) regarding painting cakes, everyone in this circle knows its significance. in the project i completed, i applied for a bonus from the company, using sugar-coated shells to break the defense line of the program ape's unwillingness to work overtime, and then using the product to have a better future and make them full of hope.

how do i fix the above issues that affect progress?

1. solve the essential problem: the problem of product logic

saying a thousand ways and ten thousand is actually whether the product logic is clear, whether it can withstand scrutiny, and whether it can withstand rhetorical questions? count the inner silent 3 times, and then deliberate once, so that the knowledge and action are one, the sound is thrown, and the logic of demand is not changed, and the project progress control is basically appropriate.

2. solve the main problem: the human problem - designer and program ape

After the demand meeting, when confirming the project document, the designer and the leader of the R&D team need to fill in: design completion time, test time; the final on-line time product to determine, generally there are several project experience products, can roughly judge the time node of the entire process; we set the on-line time, let the designer and R & D to fill in two of the time nodes. (Of course, this process will be smoother with the support of the CEO)

when determining the project document, it is necessary to ensure that the team's goals and expectations are consistent, so that it can save time and effort in advancing.

3. resolve minor issues: versioning issues

in fact, the above reasons have been analyzed when it has been said, version control is particularly important for the direction of product development, this is the evidence when reviewing later; through version control can be a good way to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the previous version, the stakes to the ceo to clarify, i believe he will listen to your suggestions; but first you have to understand the meaning of "review", do not understand the baidu of your own.

at last

considering their own dress, dressing themselves with taste and temperament, speaking in a euphemistic and firm way, giving designers and procedural apes who often wear large pants and slippers a sense of oppression (sneaking laughter), is also a way to advance the project.


send everyone a sentence "in fact, i am also an ordinary person, drunk when i drink too much, hurt from being beaten, and tired if i hold on for too long." ", irrelevant product, pure pretense!

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