Sunday 13 February 2022

How to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks in project

First of all, the background, this is a very special case that I have encountered in the past 10 years of work. I and the team members received the task on the first day of the job, and in the case of completely unfamiliar with the company's internal processes, R&D resources, testing resources and project background and needs, we gave a Dead Line according to the wishes of the project party, although there was no requirement at the meeting at that time, but the specific R&D completion time needed to be given the next day.

time is tight, the task is urgent, everything is still unknown, this seemingly impossible task really gave me a chance, although i have encountered a very anxious project before, but it is in the case of my own familiarity with internal resources, and now i am not familiar with everything in the new company, this challenge is really very serious.

but this is the first appearance of entering the company and must be done. tasks are non-negotiable, so we can only think internally about how to solve the problem quickly. to this end, i have mainly analyzed the problems encountered and the solutions to them.

1. resource problems: such as hardware resources, software resources, human resources, etc.

First of all, I confirmed that my team member's machine must be installed on the same day, including the development of software such as database, vs, Team Explorer, etc., and at the same time requires that the requirements document that has been confirmed must be provided on the same day, and the communication personnel who formulate the requirements are completed, after the installation of the team member machine, according to the research and development document (in fact, this document is also very incomplete, and later looking for other people to come to the program and database connection information) can correctly connect to the development environment and enter the requirements understanding link.

2. confirm who to communicate and coordinate with if there is a problem in the intermediate links.


this seemingly non-problematic problem is actually very important in practice. here i actually want to thank my direct leadership very much, in the process of obtaining resources and questions to give me a lot of help, otherwise an employee who joined the day, others can not give you so much help, so it is very critical to be correct to the direct help of a weighty person within the company.

3. progress control

this is the most important thing a project manager should do well, but it is also the biggest challenge i have encountered. i used to be very confident in this, because i have a lot of experience in mastering business needs and controlling the r&d process. but the problem is that this is a new company, the so-called new company, there must be something different from what you have experienced before, and this is something that i did not consider at the time, otherwise the project could be completed very beautifully. in the new company, because the project i received is a sub-project of a large project, and this new project is to replace the old project, the problem lies in this replacement, because the core function of the business is mastered on the old system, but because the old system is maintained by only one person (i temporarily call it a jun), and my mastery of the project and data structure and business details can only communicate with the personnel of this old system, everyone knows, when you know that the system you have worked so hard to do is replaced, what do you feel like, so i still encounter some resistance in practice, although not superficially. 


So i had to adopt a red heart and two-handed strategy, on the one hand to communicate with a jun and on the other hand with the personnel of the new system, although the progress was also very slow. fortunately, the leader saw the problem and came forward to help me coordinate the resources of the new system, and even if the progress was greatly delayed.

4. inside the team

seeing that the construction period has passed 3/4, the team members still do not have a clear understanding of the system. so i coordinated the new system of personnel to our team members for a fairly comprehensive exchange, at the same time to get to the contact information of the specific personnel, so that the team members have problems can directly find specific personnel to consult, no longer through me, i can free up time to solve other problems, really thank this colleague, a very refreshing person, let me have another layer of good feelings for the northeast people. after familiarizing yourself with the basics of business and systems, you can start the specific work of coding. the problem arose again, according to the normal schedule, we only had 1 day, we could not finish at all, so we had to work overtime, and on saturday i worked overtime with everyone, and the progress caught up a lot.

5. thrilling errors

at this time, i made a mistake, it seems that the good intentions almost killed the project, on saturday there was a team member whose progress was slightly slower, because the functions he was responsible for were more complicated, plus everyone was more difficult these days, so i did not give a death order when i left work, just like he said, tomorrow to catch up. 


As a result, everyone was basically completed on monday, but this person was never finished, and he was going to submit the test on tuesday, and here i had a big head, no way, as long as i got it with him on monday until more than eight o'clock in the evening. who knew that wave after wave, when submitted to the next day, because they were not skilled, the error covered the code, and the core code was not retained. 


Originally said to submit the test in the morning, i just had to communicate with the tester repeatedly, postponed it until the end of the day, and the result was to help him complete it as soon as possible throughout the day. i could see his apologies, i was really anxious at the time, and the frequency of his urging was a little higher, i saw his anxiety and uneasiness, and then i immediately stopped, gave him a quieter time, and fortunately finally submitted the test before work. when i was off work, i deliberately walked with him, talked to him more on the road, let him put down his baggage, encouraged him not to be afraid of problems, only when he encountered problems can he progress, he is much better than i am at present, and so on, in short, it is good that he finally submitted smoothly.

later tests are still normal, but it is found that the tests here are still relatively detailed, and some of our problems can be found by ourselves if time permits.


After this project, i later took the time to sit down with everyone and summarize it, let everyone express their views, i summarized it, pointed out the places that everyone needs to improve, i believe that this team will gradually improve in the future, i saw everyone's efforts, and i really like this team. although we encountered challenges, but fortunately i coped with it, i also saw some problems, i want to give them more help within my ability, but also saw the shining points in them, some people are indeed a little worse, but who can say that now almost can not be better? i have come over so many years, think about the original self, all the way to the muddy water rolling over, i believe that as long as everyone has faith, things can be done well.

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