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How does a product manager manage projects?

This article is compiled by the project management system: an excellent project manager has a role that cannot be underestimated in the process of product iteration, so how should the product manager do a good job in project management? Interested friends will follow the project management software customer service to understand it together.

Any management, in essence, is the management of people. Project management is no exception, whether a project can be successfully completed depends on whether the members of the project team have a consistent goal, and are willing to take the initiative to pay for this goal until the project is completed. 

Too many dry goods of project management are teaching everyone how to carry out project management, which tools to use, which methods to use, and few say how to carry out project management from the perspective of managing people.

The project began to set goals

The author had the privilege of participating in the early product approval process of the company's core strategic products, in order to quickly launch the product to occupy the market, the author set up a team composed of product managers and technical research and development can be said to be an elite team, for closed development. Before the project officially began, at the project launch meeting, the product director analyzed the current form, the market situation, and what kind of turmoil would be stirred up after the author's products came out. The core idea of the whole propaganda is: "What the authors are doing is changing the entire takeaway industry, it is something that can create value for society, and the efforts of everyone here will contribute to this value."

The impact of the presentation was that the whole team worked overtime or even all night for 2 weeks to complete the project plan in advance, leaving enough time for marketing to prepare. TThrough this incident, the author felt particularly deeply, because he personally participated in the whole process, the whole team came together, and the combat effectiveness that broke out could overcome all difficulties. When I was also the project manager later, I also noticed that applying this to project management has played a good role in the launch of several important products.

To the team to establish a achievable goal, this goal is not necessarily how far-reaching, can be a product details of the change can bring how much conversion rate improvement, can be a module of the refactoring can bring a smoother experience of the entire process, can also be a new function to bring cost savings to the company, such a goal can help the team unify the ideology, so that everyone in the team to recognize the goal, the small author in the big author, Thereby enhancing team cohesion and improving production efficiency.

The layout work should be clearly required

The author once assigned a pre-research task to a colleague in the project team, "studying the recognition of takeaway receipt pictures", which was what he said verbally at the time. A week later, the author went to check the results of the pre-study, of course, the results disappointed the author, and in the end, this pre-research task was not applied to the product.

Later, the author summarized the reasons for the failure of this mission. First of all, the author did not tell him what the background of the pre-research technology is, why to identify the information on the receipt; secondly, the author did not tell him what kind of standards the pre-research technology must meet to be completed, such as how much the speed of recognition should be achieved, how much accuracy rate should be achieved, and the information identified should be structured, etc.; Then, the author did not explain when this pre-research task needs to be completed, urgent or not urgent. <

And these are often easy to make mistakes as a person who is in a preliminary management position, when you want to assign work, you have to tell the background of the task in detail, which helps him understand what he is doing; to inform the acceptance criteria, which helps him to complete the task without deviation; to inform the completion of the work, so that he can make a good work plan. Sometimes a task may involve more than one person, and you also need to clarify the division of labor and the main responsibility of each person. Sometimes when you feel that the team has no execution, first ask yourself if you have done these things.

Be a person who

takes the initiative to push things forward The author in the first few articles of project management introduced some of the project management artifacts and methodologies, you can also search for a variety of agile theories on the Internet, many people try to apply these methodologies to project management, but how to do it is not good, they are entangled in the use of physical form of Kanban or software form of Kanban; the stickers on the Kanban board are not in the wrong format; the format of the project weekly report should be what, and then hope that through these tools and methodologies can be able to do a good job of project management, in fact, project management is far more than that. <

After the project iteration starts, don't expect the developer to automatically update the task progress every day, in fact, you will often see that they always change the status of several requirements at once in the final stage of the iteration; you also do not expect to grasp the progress of the project iteration through the project weekly report, when you find out after a week that the project has the risk of postponement, it is too late. You need to often ask the project members to complete the needs, on the one hand, according to the completion of the members to do a good job in time to do the front and back end of the docking or task adjustment; on the other hand, when you find that the project has risks, avoid or explain in advance; finally, the project team members have completed the needs to give affirmation, the project team members in the work of the problems to help, clear the obstacles in the iteration.

In addition to taking the initiative to understand the completion of the task of the project members, in the project management process, we must also be good at finding problems, finding deficiencies in the process, constantly improving the process, and turning exceptions into examples. No matter how good the methodology, no matter how detailed the requirements are decomposed, the project iteration will not be automatically realized, and doing project management is not doing the hand-throwing treasurer.

Mutual respect

In the project management process, you may encounter unexpected situations at a certain stage of the project, and the project cannot continue normally. At this point, some project managers may use their own functions to come up with solutions directly for project members to execute. 


The agile iteration methodology says that the team should be self-organizing and respect the professional abilities of each member of the team. The project manager represents not his professional abilities, but the overall interests of the group he manages, and the only thing you have to do in this case is to help him remove obstacles, and if he needs to discuss, you help him convene the relevant people to discuss; if he needs to consult, you help him prepare the relevant materials. When you respect the abilities of others, you will also gain more respect and leadership.

Open communication

To do project management, in addition to managing project iterations, you also need to manage people. What state the employee is in, whether you have a number of psychology, who is who is up to date why the mood is so depressed, who is who has been so negative lately, who is who has recently performed ok, who is who has recently realized the needs of the needs is always out of serious bugs is not encountered something. Bad atmosphere can easily affect the value of the team, the author once worked in a company, when leaving, the entire team almost completely disbanded, because of the negative team atmosphere.

During my time as a project manager, I would talk to a project member about his work almost every week to find out whether he had any problems in his work, so much so that when HRBP consulted the author about some employees, he was surprised by the author's understanding of employees. Some things need to be taken the initiative of the project manager to understand, rather than listening to the comments of others, more communication, more communication, is another important thing to do project management.

Help team members grow

This last point is the most profound feeling since the author did project management, and it is also the most valuable experience I have learned. The author represents the interests of the team as a whole, the external author is the project manager of the wireless project team, others recognize you because your team is the most executive team, and others' recognition of you comes from the efforts of each team member, you can not be proud to say that it is because you are very good. Deeply aware of this, I have told my friends many times that I am not qualified to be the project manager.

In order to help team members grow, what you need to do is to let the members know in a timely manner the efforts made by the members, it is not difficult to do this, you only need to tell the superiors from time to time in the weekly report, who is who in this iteration, how much thought has been spent, how much effort has been made for the project, and strive for the best possible welfare. 


In addition, members are encouraged to share their experiences with others and grow together. Finally, when the team encounters problems, you should take the initiative to think about the reasons as the first responsible person, rather than directly accusing the other person why he did not do a good job. In addition to these, helping the team to fight for welfare, organizing good outreach activities, and strengthening the cohesion between team members are all within the scope of the project manager.

I hope that the introduction of the project management software customer service can be helpful to you, pay attention to the author to learn more news! If you don't understand those aspects, you can click to consult the authors, and the authors will have professionals to answer for you!

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