Tuesday 1 February 2022

Focus on an immature project management

It is precisely the things that you think are boring and useless that establish the reputation of your future career

First of all, I want to talk to you about two words: Product Manager & Project Manager, their abbreviations are PM, these two words represent "product manager" & "project manager", just as their English words are so similar, in daily work (especially in the computer software, Internet industry), the two positions also have similarities in the content of work.

in fact, in the book "everyone is a product manager" written by teacher, we have already learned that product needs to do some project management things, which may be due to length, and teacher has not done much about the actual operation of project management. it wasn't until one day, when a real project management task was pressed against me, that i learned more about project management. so today i will talk to you about a previous project management work.

segment work tasks

project node settings

this is a bit like the first normal form in datasheet design, which subdivides tasks to the smallest until they can no longer be divided. in project management terminology, we call this: creating a wbs (work breakdown structure), the process of breaking down project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable components. the decomposition of wbs can be carried out in the following three ways:

  • decomposition according to the physical structure of the product;
  • decomposition by function of a product or project;
  • decompose according to the implementation process;
  • My company is a combination of software and hardware intelligent warehousing enterprises (similar to Amazon's Kiva), when put into the online must ensure: warehouse hardware laying, warehousing robot normal operation, normal use of software functions and so on. Because these tasks are interlinked and have strong functional relevance (you have to do this to move on to the next one), the third decomposition method is best suited for our project.

after subdividing the task, it is time to determine the completion time of the task. generally, it relies on party b's acceptance time to set the time of the project cycle, and sets the deadline and reserves a certain buffer time according to its own development ability and remediation ability. of course, the most important thing is that when the project is launched, the project leader is best to buy sufficient time from party b. through this link, we can note that if the tasks are divided more carefully, the postponement of a single task will not cause widespread paralysis, and it will be easier to remedy.

the task is decomposed from the previous link.

the project leader is generally set as one person, mainly for better accountability. there is a way that the law does not blame the public, and it is easier to manage a task associated with a person in charge.

the deliverable is the only criterion for verifying the end of the task, what functions the software implements, completes the documentation... these can all be delivered as products.

task cycle (unit: person / day), because i am not from a technical background, so in the research and development time i will consult some developers at a time, but the cycle is not the development of how much is how much. the length of development is generally compressed, because most people will subconsciously reserve some buffer time for themselves.

if you have experienced many projects, the cycle setting is naturally clear; the product director of my last company, can always arrange the nodes accurately and reasonably!

project follow-up

personally, i think that these stages are to be a sinner, and every day before going to work, during, and before leaving work, we must inquire about the plans and situations of the tasks that have been opened today or are about to be opened. of course, the feeling of being urged is not good, and in the process of project management, it is often complained by the task performers, and even rebelled. teacher= mentioned in the book that their team had a dinner party at the end of the project, so this project management also had to be urged and coaxed at the same time.

at the same time, the daily and weekly reports of the project must also be sent to the project manager, and the problems encountered need to be listed in the weekly and daily reports, so as to facilitate the project manager to do a good job in risk assessment. in addition, it is necessary to deal with party b's mail, telephone... after one project management, i either went crazy or calmer.

end of project

after the completion of development and implementation, it is on-site acceptance, and most importantly, remember that the two sides signed the acceptance confirmation to avoid the final party b", i have heard of a team being dragged by a project for more than a year. after some training and on-line handover work, the project is basically over.

write at the end

To have this complete project management experience, first of all, I want to thank Mr. Feng for his trust, I also want to thank Alex for my project management training, and finally I also want to thank my colleagues who did not kill me. Since this is the only experience at present, you are welcome to point out any inaccuracies in the project description and look forward to communicating with you...

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