Monday 7 February 2022

Executing the project implementation process

The project execution process consists of completing the work identified in the project management plan to meet the requirements of the project, coordinating resources according to the project management plan, managing stakeholders, and integrating and implementing project activities to perform the project work required to meet the project requirements and achieve the project objectives according to the plan.

1. guide and manage project work

content: lead and execute the work identified in the project management plan to achieve the project objectives and implement the approved change
role: comprehensive management of project work and deliverables to increase the likelihood of
project success time: the entire project period

2. manage project knowledge

contents: use existing knowledge and generate new knowledge to achieve project goals and help organizations learn : leverage existing organizational knowledge to create or improve project outcomes, and use knowledge created by current projects to support organizational operations and future project phase
times: throughout the project

3. management quality

description: apply the organization's quality policy to projects and translate quality management plans into executable quality 

activities : increase the likelihood of achieving quality objectives, as well as identify ineffective processes and causes of low quality time: the entire duration of the project

4. get resources

content: get the role of team members, facilities, equipment, materials, supplies, and other resources
required for the project: outline and guide the selection of resources and assign them to the appropriate activity

time: regularly throughout the project

5. build a team

content: improve work capacity, promote team member interaction, improve the overall atmosphere of the team to improve project performance : improve team collaboration, enhance interpersonal skills, motivate employees, reduce friction, and improve overall project performance time: throughout the project period

6. management team

what: track team members' performance, provide feedback, resolve issues, and manage team changes to optimize project performance : influencing team behavior, managing conflicts, and resolution time: throughout the project

7. manage communications

contents: ensure timely and appropriate collection, generation, publication, storage, retrieval, management, and final disposition of project information: facilitate effective information flow
time between the project team and interested parties: the entire project period

8. implement risk response

description: implement agreed risk response plan role: ensure that agreed risk response measures are implemented as planned to manage overall project risk exposure, as well as minimize individual project threats and maximize individual project opportunity time: throughout the project period

9. implementation of procurement

contents: obtaining a seller's response, selecting a seller and awarding contractual role: selecting a qualified seller and signing a legal agreement on the delivery of goods and services time: periodically carried out throughout the project

10. management of relevant party participation

content: communicate and collaborate with stakeholders to meet their needs and expectations, address issues to facilitate reasonable participation of stakeholders in project activities : let project managers improve the support of stakeholders and reduce the resistance time of stakeholders: throughout the project period

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