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Design project Assignment & process

A design project is a set of documents developed in the course of design work in accordance with the terms of reference.

The task of designers is to search for flawless, from the point of view of ergonomics and style solutions. Such solutions provide a harmonious combination of lines and shapes, lighting and colors in the decoration of the home. In accordance with the requirements of the Customer, the developed design project will help with the choice and rational placement of household "stuffing" of the house: electrical outlets, switches, lamps, mirrors, plumbing, door and window openings, stairs, furniture and decor elements. The designer helps to save money in the selection of finishing materials, minimize costs in the planning and arrangement of internal premises "to the taste of the Customer".

Before starting work, it is necessary to perform photo fixation of the object, study its features, and perform all the necessary measurements. This operation is necessary regardless of the stage from which the work on the project begins.

The design project is divided into 3 stages.

1. The planning stage includes:

• performing measurements of the object;

• analysis of the features of the object;

• zoning;

• development of options for planning solutions with the arrangement of furniture and equipment;

• formation of working documentation on redevelopment.

2. Style stage.

After the approval of the planning solution, it is necessary to begin to develop various options for the design of all zones of the object, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Discussing with the designer the finished sketches, the customer chooses the most acceptable option. Next, there is a more detailed study of the sketch to its full compliance with the customer's presentation.

The style stage includes:

• volumetric modeling of premises;

• development of fundamental options for artistic solutions;

• detailed elaboration of approved style solutions.

3. Technological stage.

During this stage, the working documentation necessary for the implementation of the project is developed.

The technological stage includes the development of:

• floor plan;

• ceiling plan;

• electrical plan (placement of sockets, electrical outputs and outputs of low-current networks);

• plan of the location of lighting fixtures;

• drawings of structural elements;

• plans of sections, sections and nodes necessary for the implementation of the solutions laid down at the style stage;

• lists of finishing materials.

Prices for the development of a design project:

The cost of developing a design project depends on the total area of the premises and is the amount of:

from 1200 dollar/sq.m to 3000 dollar/sq.m

The cost of developing a design project is affected by the form in which the finished project is provided (a handwritten sketch or computer 3D modeling), as well as the complexity of the finish.

Preliminary sketches.

Prior to the development of the design project, preliminary sketches are developed. Their cost is: 500 dollars / sq.m.

When concluding a contract for the development of a design project, the cost of preparing preliminary sketches is taken into account.

Composition of the design project

• Color sketches of facades in a three-dimensional image

• Color sketches of interiors in a three-dimensional image


• Plans before repairs

• Plans after renovation (redevelopment)

• Furniture arrangement plans

• Floor plans with flooring

• Ceiling plans and cuts

• Lighting plans (location of luminaires)

• Installation plans for electrical products (location of sockets and switches)

• List of finishes

• Options for color and style of the interior

• Types of sweeps of internal wall surfaces

• Visualization of premises in perspective projection

• Lighting options

• Furniture options


• Window d├ęcor

• Selection of accessories

• Selection of furniture

• Selection of lamps

"supervision" is a set of measures carried out to ensure the compliance of technological, architectural, stylistic, construction and other technical solutions and indicators of the commissioned object with the solutions and indicators provided for in the project documentation approved by the Customer.

Author's supervision involves a planned visit to the site to clarify the details of the project, as well as the solution of questions on project documentation that arise from the customer or the construction contractor.

The order of work on the design project.

Preparation of technical specifications for the design project.

A detailed questionnaire is filled out where all the wishes and nuances that must be taken into account when designing the interior and creating a design are recorded: color scheme; stylistic direction of the interior; special preferences and wishes of all family members.

The design project is divided into stages.

  •  for sketch stage
  •  Work phase

Working drawings design project.

1. Measuring drawing with reference to engineering communications.

2. Plan for dismantling partitions and engineering communications.

3. Plan of erected partitions with marking of window and door openings.

4. Plan of the room after redevelopment with dimensions.

5. Plan of arrangement of furniture in all rooms.

6. Plan for the placement of cold and hot water outlets with reference to the outlets.

7. Ceiling plan indicating the type of material used, if necessary - individual units and sections.

8. Plan of placement of lighting fixtures, binding of lighting outlets, plan of switches indicating the logic of switching on groups of lamps.

9. Plan of placement of electrical sockets and electrical outputs with reference to geometric dimensions.

10. Floor plan with indication: type of flooring, pattern, location of underfloor heating.

11. Sweep of walls with decorative elements, if necessary with cuts.

The composition of the documentation can be reduced, depending on the technical task for the design.


In the process of author's supervision, the compliance of construction works with the design project idea is monitored. During construction work, it is often necessary to make certain amendments to the work or design project. In addition, there may be cases when it is necessary to replace one type of finishing or building materials with another. In this case, you need an operational adjustment in the drawings, which will get rid of unpleasant consequences.

1. compliance with the ideas and developments of the designer, the design of the project,

2. visit to the site 4 times a month

3. assistance in the selection of finishing materials for the future interior,

4. consultation in the selection of plumbing, tiles, furniture.

Interior decoration.

Not included in the design project - it is performed and paid separately.

The selection of decorative elements of the interior is performed after the repair and finishing work and includes:

  • Selection of paintings, drawings, wall graphics;
  • Selection of sculptures, etc.;
  • Selection of cutlery, sets and tablecloths;
  • Selection of curtains and curtains;
  • Selection of bed linen;
  • Selection of accessories in different rooms.

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