Monday 14 February 2022

agile project management three-plate axe

Optimistic vision, pessimistic plan, happy execution;

simply put, in advance preparation, control in the event, after the fact; before
the iteration, publicity and clarification, more discussion, more analysis, more quarrels, more consensus;

in the iteration, relative stability, shut up work, strict implementation, commitment fulfillment, common progress and retreat;

after iteration, acceptance and delivery, more reflection, more summary, more precipitation, continuous improvement.

Before the iteration:

1. the iteration requirements are publicized and clarified, and the relevant product prototypes, flow charts, and document descriptions are provided;
2. the iterative requirements technical solutions are evaluated and confirmed, and the multi-scenario data logic is verified;
3. the iterative development plan is reasonable, and the delivery nodes, delivery milestones, and deliverable products are clear and clear;
4. the iterative tasks are decomposed in place and quantifiable , the task assignment or claim is in line with functional planning and functional dependence;
5. the preconditions for the launch of the iteration are met as much as possible, and the materials are prepared in advance, resources are coordinated, and technical support is provided;
6. the iterative risk assessment is sufficient, based on experience and project status, the evaluation is accurate, and the response plan is considered comprehensively;
7. the iterative team rules are established, and the communication mechanism, feedback mechanism, self-test requirements, and change rules are reached to reach team consensus
8. in product requirements, technical solutions, team rules, controversial places, more discussion, to ensure that the solution is determined before development;

Iteration:After iteration:

1. the iteration remains relatively stable, the identified requirements and technical solutions are not changed as much as possible, and adjusted within the acceptable range;
2. the iteration progress remains transparent, and the project progress is truly and transparently reflected through standing meetings, whiteboards, project weekly reports, etc.;
3. the iteration progress is corrected, and the deviations that have occurred or may occur under the transparent progress are corrected. take countermeasures in a timely manner;
4. the iterative single function is submitted, after the self-test of multi-scenario data, check and confirm that there is no problem, solve the conflict and check into the code base;
5. the iterative function deployment and testing, the stage function test, the deployment pre-preparation is in place, the development of smoke test, the release of the test email;
6. the iterative defect repair confirmation, the defect submitted on the same day, the repair time is relatively small, the workload is small, as far as possible, the cleanup is completed on the same day;
7. in the process of iteration, less discussion is about whether the requirements are correct and whether the technical solution is reasonable (consensus should be reached before iteration), and the delivery should be completed as much as possible, and the team should advance and retreat together;


1. the iteration delivery acceptance confirmation, product managers, internal customers on the phased results, acceptance confirmation, provide feedback information;
2. the iteration of the project data archiving, project dependence and derivative data registration, technical data registration update, complex logic flow chart description;
3. the iteration of the project review summary, the team reflects on the iteration of the good and bad aspects, for discussion , good continue to maintain, bad correction;
4. the iterative experience sharing and exchange, optionally carry out experience sharing, how to break through technical difficulties, form a solution, to avoid others from stepping on the pit again;
5. in terms of product planning, project management, team collaboration, where there are controversies, the team discusses more, forms a new solution, and the next iteration goes to practice;

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