Wednesday 9 February 2022

A few suggestions for the final work of the project

In actual project management, the project stage management finishing process and work are often not valued by everyone. managing closures is of great significance in reducing the failure rate of software projects. summarize and analyze a series of problems in the closing management of the project, these are iterative and reusable resources, the more summarized, the richer the resources, and constantly improve the mature management model, creating localization and asymptotic reuse in management, reducing the risk of software project management and management costs. 


Verify through project acceptance whether all the work or activities within the scope of the project plan have been fully completed and whether the deliverables are satisfactory, and record the verification results in the acceptance documents. so, from the perspective of handover acceptance, how to do a good job in the finishing work of the project?

first, the project management attaches importance to it, and the work is in peacetime.

most people engaged in engineering believe that the beginning and end of the project is the most difficult to do, especially the end, the complexity is a fart work, busy for half a day can not see the results, no image. in addition, near the end, people's hearts are floating, and the relationship with subcontractors is also involved in the final settlement, there are many things to do, and contradictions are becoming more and more solid, far from the heat of coordination and cooperation during the construction period. the acceptance unit should also be more strict at this time, because we all know that in case of error, there is no easy way to find it in the later quarter.

in this case, the attention of the project manager and the strong support for the finishing work are extremely important. usually, the project manager will personally ask questions. otherwise, it would be miserable. moreover, the project manager must be someone who knows the dangers and has the patience to do so. in fact, it also happens that the two projects i have experienced have changed the project manager at the end of the day, who is specifically responsible for the finishing. the difficulty of finishing, the reluctance to do it, can be seen from this.

also, it is said that it is the end, but the collection is all the previous work, so although the skills and efforts of the finishing work itself are very important, whether the finishing work is good or bad has a more fundamental relationship with the work usually done, that is to say, the work is in peacetime. the usual work here refers not only to the engineering building, but also to the various documents related to it.

second, fully prepared

handover acceptance is a trivial and repetitive task, so it must be fully prepared. there are two main aspects: information and the scene, especially information. the information must be prepared according to the requirements of the specification; the site is mainly defect repair and pre-acceptance cleanup.

in the preparation process, as far as possible, let the supervisor and the owner intervene in advance, find the problem to solve in time, if there are individual problems that can not be solved before acceptance, we must strive for their consent to include them in the remaining problems, so as not to delay the acceptance. also, in general, the supervisor and the owner do not want to accept in advance, so the person responsible for acceptance needs to put forward the acceptance requirements again and again, and be good at using various opportunities until consent is obtained.

what are the hallmarks of being well prepared for success? it's the feeling of water coming to fruition. all the problems have been solved before the acceptance, and the real acceptance day is just a formality, and the signature is enough.

third, stylization

the first acceptance is more difficult, so we must ensure the success rate and not fail. after the first pass, you can get some stylized things that apply to the project, and the subsequent acceptance is easier. another layer of stylization means that the content explicitly required in contracts and specifications must be strictly enforced, and i will not say more about it here.

fourth, special personnel are responsible for and emphasize the plan

because of the complexity and complexity of the finishing work, the finishing work must be designated as a person responsible. this person is directly responsible for the project management level, supplemented by the project working hours in various departments, familiar with the situation, the formation of a lean handover, acceptance, data archiving team, the specific implementation of the handover acceptance and completion of the archiving of the main finishing work.

special emphasis should be placed on planning at the end. this plan should be prepared by the person responsible for the finishing according to the actual situation of the project, combined with the terms of the contract, and then presided over by the project manager, the triage of various departments (especially the contract, technology and construction departments), determined and issued, and strictly implemented. in order to ensure the implementation of the plan, it is advisable to have a system of regular meetings, in which all parties regularly review progress and solve existing problems in a timely manner.

5. the order and quantity of acceptance items

this is mainly considered from two aspects, contractual benefits and on-site reality. generally speaking, it should be "mature one, develop one" and the sooner the handover, the better. because after the handover, the cost of the party can be reduced, the defect liability period can be entered as soon as possible, and the responsibility can be transferred to the owner as soon as possible

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