Thursday 10 February 2022

A brief analysis of the quality management of construction projects

Recently, the quality of commercial housing has become a hot spot and difficult point of social concern. with the development of the construction market, the number of construction units is increasing, the construction force is gradually stronger, the requirements of the owners are getting higher and higher, and the competition between the construction parties is also intensifying. only by doing a good job in quality management can the construction unit survive and make the enterprise develop for a long time.

Improve the quality management system and steadily improve the quality of the project. the iso9000 standard embodies the idea of prevention as the mainstay, from the traditional quality management to focus on the results to the process, emphasizing that quality management is achieved through the management of the process. 


Expand the understanding of the quality system, quality problems are not only related to construction, but also closely related to the owner's requirements, design concept, design depth, design scope, designer's ability to interpret the project, the depth of construction drawing review, construction acceptance level, construction and supervision of the familiarity with the site, testing means, testing frequency, testing people, and even defect responsibility system. 


Establish and improve the responsibility system, improve the preliminary work based on geological survey and design, select the bidding work of the contractor for the project, form the construction work of the quality of the engineering entity, test the supervision and responsibility system of the physical quality, work on the completeness, pertinence, operability, coordination and complementary interaction of the system, standardize the quality behavior, and ensure the orderly operation of the management system through all-round, multi-angle and seamless control.


Adhere to procedural operations, implement construction organization design and construction plans. strictly follow the procedures, implement the design drawings, construction organization design, construction plan and technical submission. engineering management personnel and technical personnel should be carefully familiar with the drawings, before construction, they should carry out the construction organization design and sub-project technology submission, strictly follow the drawings, and conscientiously implement the construction plan and various management measures. a strict quality inspection system must be established for each process.


Standardize market behavior, and clarify the quality responsibilities of each participating party in the construction project. it is necessary for the construction unit to carry out project management in accordance with the law, regard the quality of the project as the top priority, and perform the duties of the first responsible person for quality. 


The designers of the design unit should be more responsible, ensure the quality of the design, avoid cross-fighting between various types of work, have a clear design and be responsible for the quality of the design. the construction general contracting unit shall earnestly implement the responsibility of general contract management, strictly follow the mandatory standards, standardize the construction, and be responsible for the construction quality. the professional supervision personnel of the supervision unit shall be fully equipped, monitor the construction quality, strictly perform the supervision duties without interference from external factors, and be responsible for the quality of supervision.

Implement process control so that each process is in a controlled state. in the construction process, to ensure the realization of quality and excellence, each sub-item, sub-project and final quality inspection, unqualified projects in accordance with the relevant control procedures after disposal, and then review, qualified before release. grasp the bottom, inspection, acceptance links, the implementation of the whole process, the quality supervision of the whole staff. 


So that each process is in a controlled state. the special construction process of the project includes: basement waterproofing, stripping rib rolling straight thread connection, room waterproofing, roof waterproofing, steel structure, prestressed construction. the new processes, new technologies, new materials and new equipment used are controlled, and the four new projects must be fully technically prepared and approved by the chief engineer before they can be implemented.

Implement the final inspection and test control, and comprehensively improve the quality of the project. after the completion of the project in accordance with the content of the engineering design documents and the contract, all the incoming inspection and tests of the unit project and the process inspection and test of the qualified conditions are completed and meet the requirements of the regulations. 


The collection and collation of quality control data conforms to the requirements and relevant provisions of the current relevant regulatory documents. the on-site inspection, inspection and test records during the construction process shall be collected, sorted, preserved and archived by the data clerk of the project management department. when the project has the completion conditions, the product pre-inspection is first carried out by the quality control department of the construction unit, and after the pre-inspection is passed. 


The project management department of the project will submit the unit project acceptance data to the supervision company and submit the completion acceptance application. the completion acceptance shall be carried out by the owner's organization design, supervision, construction party, supervision station and other relevant departments.

Implement the project supervision system and increase government supervision. in order to improve the quality of the project, the construction unit should actively implement the project supervision system, select a high-quality supervision team, monitor the quality of the entity in the process of project construction, inspect the process of the road, check and sign at all levels, and standardize the quality behavior of the construction party. spot checks are carried out on key links of project quality to ensure the implementation of mandatory standards and the implementation of relevant laws, regulations and norms. 


So as to ensure the quality of construction projects and the safety of structural use. while implementing the project supervision system, it is also necessary to increase the intensity of government supervision. strengthen the publicity of laws and regulations related to project construction, increase the law enforcement supervision and inspection of the quality behavior of construction units, check the qualifications of survey and design units and whether there are any violations such as affiliation, whether the survey and design documents comply with the relevant provisions of national engineering construction and mandatory standards for project construction, and whether the professional qualifications of designers and whether they are in place during project acceptance. 


Check whether the supervision unit has dispatched a director and supervision engineer in accordance with the regulations, whether the supervision personnel are qualified to practice and whether they have adopted the forms of side stations, inspections and parallel inspections in accordance with the regulations, and whether the supervision documents and signature and sealing procedures are complete. check the qualifications of the construction unit and whether there is subcontracting, violation of subcontracting, etc., whether the construction is carried out in strict accordance with the construction drawing review documents. 


The quality assurance system and safety assurance system of the construction unit and the qualifications of the on-site personnel, and whether the test blocks, specimens and related materials related to the safety of the design structure are witnessed and sampled according to the regulations. the intensity of punishment should be increased, and the violations of laws and regulations by responsible entities should be investigated and dealt with in accordance with law. 


We should combine legal supervision with mass supervision and supervision by the press and public opinion, and give full play to the role of government supervision.

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