Monday 7 February 2022

9 things to think about before setting up a project

This article is compiled by the R&D project management system: in the process of forming a project, it is usually necessary to carry out the project approval process. So, how can we do a good job in project establishment? We believe that in the process of project establishment, it is necessary to analyze and clarify the following key issues:

1. What are the project objectives?

The project objectives are extremely critical, and only when the objectives are clearly thought out can the later project work be carried out normally.

2. What is the background of the project? i.e. "Why Do It".

This is an important part of clarifying why this project should be done, generally speaking, the project background can be analyzed from the following dimensions:

1) starting from the current situation and the problem, what problems are encountered, what risks exist, and what business is affected;
2) from the changes in the external market environment to analyze, The current opportunities and challenges;
3) analyze the changes in the company's strategic direction, based on the changes that must be made in the company's strategy; Explain the background of the project clearly, so that the relevant people can understand why they should do it? Therefore, this link can also be called "why";

3. What is the content and scope of the project? i.e. "What to do".

Based on the background of the analysis, the elaboration of the goal, then the most important thing is to confirm the scope of the work to be done, that is, what exactly to do! This is to let everyone know the boundaries of the project.

4. Project results or KPIs? i.e. "how to prove that it was done".

So, what can prove that the project was successful? Reduced incidence of problems? Falling costs? An increase in revenue? The metrics for different projects may be different, and depending on the nature of your project, there are several key outcomes that need to be used to measure the success of the project. In other words, this is the KPI of the project, the key indicator of the success of the project!

5. What are the basic ideas and schemes of project implementation? i.e. "how to do it".

In the process of project establishment, it is necessary to roughly delete how to do it, so that the reviewer can know the future execution direction and strategy, so as to better assess whether the project will be successful.

6. Project milestone plan.

When the goals, contents and methods are clear, we need to disassemble the key nodes of the project, clarify the project milestones, and clearly decompose the work plan under each milestone.

7. Project responsibilities and division of labor In the whole project, what is the composition of the project team members and the division of labor of each person?

For example, in the project of software, we need to confirm:

1) project manager and product manager;
2) Front and back end development leaders and key members;
3) the person in charge of the test;
4) The person in charge of operation and promotion;
5) Project Supervisor; The responsibilities of each role need to be refined according to the role of the project to ensure that everyone has clear responsibilities for their work.

8. Project resource requirements.

In addition to project team members, what internal and external resources does the project require? The resources of the server? Hardware resources? The resources of the market? Wait a minute. In the process of project success, what resources can be needed to intervene, and it needs to be clear in the process of project establishment.

Resources may involve people, money, and things, and the support of resources can be considered from multiple perspectives.

9. Project risk control.

When setting up a project, what needs to be considered is, if the project fails, what factors will cause it? Analyze the influencing factors and see what can be controlled in advance and what is uncontrollable. In this way, we can think clearly about all the future impact points at the very beginning, intervene in advance and prevent in advance, so as to improve the success rate of the project!

If you think clearly about these issues in the process of project establishment, then the success rate of project establishment will be greatly improved!

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