Monday 24 January 2022

Wwhat is budget control in a project

Budget control in a project is an activity that assumes the sales and cost of a project and prevents discrepancies between actual performance and assumptions. specifically, you manage the following budgets:


estimated sales based on the estimate. the amount of sales that you plan to get realistically, not the goal.

【expense budget】

the cost of proceeding with the project. specifically, purchase costs for goods and services, association expenses, travel expenses, etc.

【outsourcing cost budget】

the budget for the costs incurred when outsourcing operations. even if the contractor or the content of the consignment is not decided, it is estimated based on past results.

【man-hours budget】

  • the cost of man-hours in the project. in order to grasp accurately, it is necessary to manage man-hours with high accuracy.
  • budget control challenges in projects
  • budget control in projects may not go smoothly. what challenges do you need to solve to manage your budget properly?

accurate actual may not be entered

the most important budget for a project is the effort budget. in order to manage the man-hours budget, high-precision man-hours management is essential.

However, in busy projects, man-hours management tends to be neglected. For example, in some cases, members enter a month's man-hours into Excel or a dedicated tool. You will not be able to enter the exact effort.

the more free the period, the more ambiguous the memory becomes. for accurate management, you should enter as often as possible.

if you can't enter effort correctly, there will be a big difference when you actually aggregate them. in addition, the data of the project cannot be used as past achievements in the next project.

data aggregation is a workload

there are cases where the aggregation of man-hours is a big burden and hinders business operations.

for example, aggregation tasks for members who are also responsible for multiple projects and other tasks can be cumbersome. the same is true if the unit price varies from member to member.

in addition, there are cases where the setting of units of man-hours is poor, increasing the burden.

for example, there is a problem with man-hours management in 10-minute increments. this is because 10 minutes is 0.167 hours, which is complicated compared to 30 minutes can be calculated as 0.5 hours. it would be good in terms of detailed management, but if management is neglected because it is complicated, it is a fall over the horse.

if you are putting such a burden on members, you can be said to have problems with the business and management system, not the members.

points of budget control in the project

next, let's take a look at two key points of budget control in a project.

regularly check for differences from plans

what you should avoid in budget control is that if you notice, there is a big difference between budget and performance. the more delayed you notice, the harder it is to correct the trajectory.

to prevent this from happening, have regular opportunities to see the difference between planning and performance. ideally, it should proceed as planned from the beginning, but that is rarely the case. you must monitor the situation in real time on the assumption that there will be a discrepancy between planning and performance.

in addition, let's draw a line how much deviation occurs when measures are implemented. doing so will speed up the decision whether or not to correct the trajectory. if you make a delay, the divergence will only increase, so you need to make a quick decision in the first emergency.

use tools to make your work easier

as mentioned earlier, members should spare no effort in entering man-hours and avoid entering long-term man-hours together. therefore, a mechanism is required to reduce the effort and prompt high-frequency man-hours input.

that's where budget control systems work. this is an it tool dedicated to budget control. budget control systems can reduce the amount of effort involved in managing.

for example, by linking with a time management system, you can save the trouble of entering man-hours. as in the past, time management and man-hours management eliminate the need to enter separately, reducing the burden on members.

in addition, there are many features that are useful not only to members but also to project managers. for example, you might use the ability to analyze the difference between actuals and budgets to help you budget your next project.

use the tools to effectively manage your project budget!

budget control in a project is the management of plans and actual, such as quotas and effort budgets. to manage properly, you must resolve the following issues:

  • members do not enter accurate achievements
  • data aggregation is a burden on members

in addition, there are two points to keep in mind when managing the budget for a project:

  • Regularly check the difference between planning and performance
  • Reduce the burden of management with budget control tools based on the above, let's effectively manage your budget.

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