Monday 24 January 2022

Why aren't the site using critical paths to manage projects?

I've been working with Object Browser PM (PM) implementation support services for many years, but I've never heard of my customers using critical path methods (CPM) for schedule and project management.

However, the critical path method is a textbook and model of project management.

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) also shows that schedule network diagrams using critical paths are used to find the theoretical earliest start date (ES) and early finish date (EF), late start date (LS), and late finish date (LF) for all activities.

why? are you not using critical paths to manage your projects?

  • what is the actual situation of project management and site without using critical paths?
  • It may be unique to the IT industry, but there are many projects that can be managed without using a fact-critical path.
  • Projects with high progress delays can be rescheduled properly without calculating the latest or late finish dates.
  • In addition, we can deliver without delays in delivery.

why? Is project management possible without using critical paths?

We interviewed the company. What we found out there was

we estimate the number of days and effort for each task, but instead of drawing a line at the last time from the beginning, we create a schedule that takes into account buffers. (a schedule is created by taking into account the number of buffered days) or a schedule is created a little before the actual delivery deadline.
some schedule adjustments seem to be effective because of unforeseen circumstances.

when progress delays begin to occur for some tasks, check the work delays and return to a realistic schedule.

what is causing the work to be delayed? what are the bottlenecks? how can we solve it? i have a proper conversation with the person in charge and make it clear. fig.

2: subsequently, the schedule has been reviewed to take measures. rather than finding and managing critical tasks, we try to manage issues and risks well.

Just because tasks and processes are delayed doesn't mean you can't move on at all.
By devising task recombination according to the delivery date, we somehow try to rebuild the project on time.
The schedule is reviewed while checking the number of days of delay, the delay man-hours, and the expected end date with PM (Fig. 2)

i see...

although it was not a critical path, it was found that project management was carried out by performing schedule management, problem management, and risk management using a critical chain.

benefits of project management in critical paths in fact, managing a project with critical paths is said to have the following benefits:

identify key tasks that affect the entire project.

all tasks are important and should not be delayed, but the most important tasks are clear.

the task of shortening the schedule becomes clear.

by clarifying a critical set of tasks (critical paths), finishing those tasks earlier than planned times gives room in the overall project schedule and helps shorten the schedule.

efficient schedule management.

become clear how efficiently the number of work days and man-hours required for the entire project can be advanced.

leverage critical paths in project management

In the future, if AI technology advances more, schedules using critical paths may be automatically created, and tools and AI-based services that automatically alert you while watching progress, and reschedule may appear.

Originally, project management without being content with AI is a show of PL's skills, but it may be possible in the IT industry, which is always said to be labor shortage.

But what's important is why the schedule is delayed? What are the bottlenecks? I realized that it is important to find issues as soon as possible and take measures.

This is not AI, it can only be pm and PL in the field.

It may be said that it is not muddy or smart, but this is not a good place to sabotage.

In addition, the success of a project by managing a difficult project is the evaluation of PL and a big growth.

This time, I mentioned schedule management using critical paths, but I feel that by based on a theory that is made sensuously, you can improve accuracy and manage projects from a multifaceted perspective.

Use critical paths as a useful project management technique to increase your success projects!

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