Monday 24 January 2022

What are the capabilities required for project management?

I've been appointed project leader, but i don't know what to do for my first time. i don't know what the skills and knows i need to be a project leader. are you having trouble managing your project?

while it's great to be appointed project leader, we've seen a lot of new project leaders who are under so much pressure and collapse. with the ability they needed and the willingness to move forward, many of the leaders who made the project a success would have made it.

in this installment, we will introduce the skills necessary for project management and the needs of project leaders.

  • ability required as a project leader
  • schedule management
  • the first necessary ability is "schedule management". a good project leader is characterized by "good time management", but the success or failure of time management is determined by schedule management.

specifically, you'll want to cut down the tasks to complete the project as finely as possible, determine exactly the work hours for each task, and how you'll spend your time and your team members. the high and low schedule management ability is judged by how high the accuracy of such time management can be done.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is an important management method here. CCPM aims to promote projects smoothly by keeping the project and budgets at the last minute and having room called "project buffers".

For a detailed explanation of CCPM, see "What is CCPM for large projects?"


"risk" refers to problems that may arise in the future, and risk management is a management method to avoid this. the important point is to assume risks that may arise from past cases and to deal with them in advance.

for this reason, it is difficult for new project managers to conduct their own risk management, and it is most important to raise the mention of seniors and superiors.

if you can accurately predict and avoid risks, you can drive projects smoothly. the most likely risk is project delays due to planning changes.

as the project size increases, it is unlikely to go according to the initial plan, so management is required to respond flexibly when changing plans. the risk management here is to anticipate planned changes in advance and prepare multiple scenarios.

if you are able to thoroughly manage risk, you can proceed smoothly with your project.

the power to communicate "ability to communicate" is the most important ability to communicate with team members and project leaders, and it is also the most difficult ability to acquire. speaking of the ability to convey, it became famous for journalist akira ikegami's best-selling book "the ability to communicate", but this book explains the communication skills necessary for business people in a systematic manner as a power to convey.

being able to communicate means that you have the power to convince your team members of your language. now it is no longer an era of power. it can be said that there is no way for a project to work out with power or authority, or to do well with fear. in other words, you can move people through your own words and promote projects through empathy. it is a must-have for project leaders.

member development ability

project leaders have a mission to lead teams, and it's also important to develop team members. as you develop team members and develop your skills, you'll be able to succeed in your project. one specific example is "how to praise" and "how to scold".

when working as a team, project leaders sometimes praise and scold members. these two are key factors in motivating team members and encouraging them to solve problems.

a good way to praise is to praise the whole member in front of them. by doing so, it is not only to motivate the praised members, but also to create a sense of competition within the team and increase motivation.

a good way to scold is not to scold in front of the entire member. scolded members of the team are self-esteemed and the project leader's story doesn't get in their minds. in addition, instead of lowering motivation, the whole team does not want to be scolded in public, so there is a problem that it is not possible to act drasticly. therefore, scolding in public is a taboo that should not be done.

99% of japanese people tend to scold 99% and scold 1% because they are not doing well. shouldn't we look at 99%?

4 things project leaders should have

1. have a clear goal

project leaders must always have clear goals. it is basic that the revenue that becomes the goal as a project is set, but in addition, it is necessary to have a goal as a project leader. to do so, why not write a project charter? a project charter is a clear goal that brings together the purpose, requirements, and stakeholders involved in the project and approves the scope of the project by the customer and the vendor's head.

with clear goals, you can drive your project with consistent action. and for those who have and don't have goals, the trust of the team is completely different. be sure to have your own goals before your project starts. aware of smooth communication

according to a survey conducted by keyman's net, 46.8 of project leaders who have experienced project failures have cited "lack of communication." in other words, smooth communication determines the success or failure of a project. project leaders can say that the tuning to show team members that they do them a favor and to have them send messages repeatedly is important to communication.

as i explained earlier, communication is important, but there are many other skills that are important for communicating with team members, so always try to communicate smoothly.

knowledge 3. understand the project better than anyone else

as a project leader, it is essential to understand the project more than anyone else. what should i do with the project for? if the project leader doesn't have a clear understanding, they won't be able to lead team members. consistent project progress for team members and immediate contact with any changes will help you understand.

knowledge 4. to judge calmly without being swept away by emotions

as a person standing on top of others, it is important not to be swept away by emotions. in order not to be swept away by emotions, be aware of the return. reprogramming is the feeling that the project leader serves each person, and the team member said, "the project leader did this, i'm glad!" say that you will feel that. we never deal with team members by brandishing authority or power. there may be unreasonable emotions, but you have to value the spirit of service and return, make calm decisions, and make your project a success.


how was it? this time, i introduced the skills necessary for a project leader. there are many other abilities that are necessary, but for the time being, i will make it a necessary ability for a new project leader. you're feeling a lot of pressure being appointed project leader for the first time, but if you calmly judge the status quo and be aware of the skills and skills you need, you can make your project a success for the first time.

There's also a reassuring ally of project management tools, so it's a good idea to consider deploying them. i hope that the project will be successful with the skills, insights, and project management tools introduced here.

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