Monday 24 January 2022

The secret to a successful project

What is the status of a successful project? it is a major premise to clear the qcd (quality, cost, delivery date) requested by the customer. any project must be more than the quality standards that the customer wants, and it can be said that it is a success by completing the project within the budget and meeting the fixed deadline.

beyond that, if you can provide more products than your customers expect, and the benefits of your customers will be a "huge success."

According to an original survey conducted by Nikkei Computer(IT Project Fact-finding Survey 2018),about half of the 1,745 system introduction or system renewal projects answered that they "failed". In the original survey conducted in 2008([Project Fact-finding Survey 800 companies 1] the success rate of companies measured doubled the success rate) and the failure rate was 78.9%, so the number of successful projects has increased significantly compared to 10 years ago.

however, there is still a long way to go if it comes to sufficient quantification. i want the project to be at least 70% or more successful.

so this time, i will introduce the key points for a successful project from the three perspectives of organization, people, and management, entitled "the secret of a successful project".

[organization] create an organizational culture that respects each other, regardless of political factors
political factors are often involved not only in projects such as system introduction and system renewal, but also in projects that companies run every day. for instance, there might be a company which fights the credit between executives, and the responsibility is rubbed each other, and it conflicts with each department, too.

most of the projects that these organizations run fail. of course, if selfish emotions are included in a project to solve the management issues of the company and solve customer problems, you will lose sight of the original purpose. there are so few innovations that conflict that we can't get anything that leads to growth from a project.

in order to mass-produce successful projects, we may first change from "organizational culture". this is easier for smaller companies, but even large companies can steadily change their organizational culture.

so what kind of organizational culture is desirable?

respect each other

various human resources and departments are involved in the project. for example, in the case of system implementation, information systems, user departments, system engineers, programmers, general managers, department heads, implementation personnel, implementation partner companies, etc. participate in the project. it is important that everyone has the same purpose, respects each person involved, evaluates their abilities and achievements, and recognizes that they are excellent people.

trust each other

building a relationship of trust is not easy. however, if we have a feeling of respect for each other, it will naturally be built. if project stakeholders trust each other, they create a positive environment where they can leave their work with peace of mind and not take care of problems alone.

don't blame each other.

if you don't try anything, you won't succeed. however, if you try, you may fail. let's praise the challenge by taking the failure of the person concerned in carrying out the project as "the result of the challenge". this is not a culture to deny each other, but a culture to not be afraid of failure. fostering a spirit of challenge as an organization will be a great asset in the future.

they come together

if any of the people involved fail, let's have an attitude of thinking as one on the problem instead of cutting it down as "it is him who failed" by blaming the person concerned. failure is the result of a challenge, and blaming the parties only produces negative emotions. by thinking about something as one, we can unite as a team and build a deeper relationship of trust.

strengthen information sharing by establishing a foundation for smooth communication

with the development of the internet environment and cloud technology, communication has become a very easy time. however, there are many situations where there is a lack of communication between stakeholders in the project. the main cause may be that the communication infrastructure is not in place.

In order for stakeholders to actively communicate with each other and to promote information sharing, it is important to establish a foundation that can be used by the entire organization. For example, there are various ways to create an environment where you can easily share files, and introduce tools that can be web conferencing even on the go.

so what kind of communication is important specifically?

the first thing that's important is to make it easy to share basic information and real-time news about your project. some projects may not share product specification changes with project members immediately. these delays in sharing information not only negatively impact projects, but also lead to distrust among stakeholders.

another important thing is to regularly set up a place for stakeholders to discuss with each other. just strengthening information sharing will only advance the project according to the textbook, and it will not be completed that exceeds customer expectations. in order to do so, it is necessary for all parties concerned to actively discuss and improve the project in a better direction.

however, be aware that communication that is being discussed at length about problems that occur in the project is rather the cause of the project failure.

management: succeed in project management with the power of it solutions creating and instilling an organizational culture to make a project successful, and creating an environment where everyone involved can communicate closely, the project may not be successful. ultimately, the important thing is "management", how to manage the project and lead to success. in this regard, i would like you to rely on the power of it solutions without hesitation.

Unlike the era of business that was established more than 10 years ago when even QCD was adhered to, the needs of customers are very diversified and there is always a need for more than expected. Under such a case, can the traditional project management method exceed customer expectations? The answer is No. You've got enough resources to meet your expectations, but you'll have to create new resources yourself to exceed them.

for this purpose, we need a "projet management solution". manage every element of your project at a level that is not possible by hand, streamline your work, and create new resources. by doing so, you will be able to focus on the core work to add value to the project, and you will be able to achieve "great success" the project beyond customer expectations.

"SI Object Browser PM"provided by our system integrator complies with"PMBOK(Knowledge System Guide for Project Management)" in Japan. Therefore, it is an IT solution that can manage all the essential elements of project management and create unprecedented resources.

now that you've discussed the secrets to a successful project, the project management area alone is an era where the power of it solutions is essential, so consider implementing it for a successful project.

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