Monday 24 January 2022

Select gantt charting tools for project schedule management

Gantt charting tool for project schedule management. however, there are tools from various companies, and many people may not know which one to choose. so in this article, we will introduce 8 popular gantt charting tools.

what is a gantt chart?

A gantt chart is a schedule that describes a striped graph with a vertical axis as a task, the horizontal axis as the date and time. it is mainly used for projects and schedule management.

so what are the benefits of creating a gantt chart? one of the big advantages is the visibility of the entire work. if you are managing tasks individually, it is difficult to understand how the whole project is progressing. with the gantt chart, the entire process is described by task, so you can grasp the whole at a glance.

the ease of information sharing is also one of the advantages. for example, in a team project, the progress of a single task may make modifications to subsequent work schedules. with gantt charts, all team members can see as soon as you modify the schedule, so you can work smoothly as you progress.

8 best gantt chart tools for schedule management

It was common to create Gantt charts in Excel not long ago. However, in recent years, specialized tools for creating Gantt charts have also been provided. Here are eight recommended Gantt charting tools:

1. SI Object Browser PM(OBPM)

The integrated project management toolSI Object Browser PM (OBPM)is a tool that allows you to schedule (plan) and track (actual). Provided by System Integrator Co., Ltd. It is the only one in Japan that complies with PMBOK. It is equipped with a function of cooperation with the scope washed out by WBS and an automatic accumulation function of man-hours and progress. The created Gantt chart can also be output to Excel. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy for anyone to create gantt charts. It is especially used in IT companies, construction engineering, manufacturing, etc.

2. Brabio! (Brabio)

Cloud-based project management tool "Brabio!" is a popular Gantt charting tool for beginners. More than 200,000 companies have deployed it. Not only is it easy to create gantt charts, but it also allows you to visualize availability for each team member. Complementing busy members ensures that your project is moving forward. The Gantt chart can be output to Excel. It is useful for reporting to business partners. Up to 5 people can use it for free, so why not try it once first?

3. Jooto

"Jooto" is a cloud-based task project management tool provided by PR TIMES Co., Ltd. Because it is a simple UI design, it is characterized by being intuitive to operate. In addition to the Gantt chart function, you can also use the "task management function" and notification function to move tasks by pasting them like sticky notes. It can also work with Google Calendar, Chatwork, slack. Up to 4 people can use it for free, so it's a good idea to try it out with a small number of people first. There are three rate plans, including one for free, and you can choose according to the features you need.

4. Gantt Chart for Excel

If you want to create gantt charts with familiar Excel instead of introducing the Gantt chart tool again, we recommend using the schedule creation macro "Gantt Chart for Excel". You can download it for free from a website called Vector. For example, if you create a Gantt chart in regular Excel, you must manually reflect the changes in all processes when you want to make changes. However, if you download this software, it is convenient because the changes are automatically reflected. The period that can be created is 1 day to 10 years, and multiple schedules are automatically drawn.

5. inopyem

"INOP M" is a project management tool that allows you to easily create gantt charts by dragging and dropping. In addition to task management on the Gantt chart, it has a wealth of functions such as performance management by project, task grouping, milestone setting, etc. It is characterized by being able to work with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, so you can seamlessly register events. Since it can also be used from a smartphone, it can be used while traveling or teleworking. It can be introduced at an initial cost of 0 yen, and you can try it for free for up to 2 months, so why not check the feeling of use for free first?

6. Backlog

Backlog is Japan's first task management and project management tool with over 1.7 million users. It is used in a wide range of departments such as program development, design, sales, and back office. In addition to the functions necessary for project management such as Gantt chart and kanban board, there are more than 300 kinds of character icons and "likes" functions, so you can use the tool while having fun. It is also possible to link with external tools such as Gmail, Spreadsheet, Chatwork, Slack, etc. Security measures are also in place, so you can use it with confidence. There are five usage plans with different features and limitations, each free of charge for 30 days.

7. Redmine

"Redmine" is an open source project management and problem management software. Because it is open source, it is not only costly, but also can be customized to suit your company. As long as you have knowledge, you can make the software you want, so IT companies often use it. In addition to task management and Gantt charting, wikis and roadmaps are also available.

8. we all .com gaunt

First of all, when you want to use the Gantt chart once, the cloud-based project management tool "Everyone .com Gantt". This tool is characterized by being able to start without membership registration. You can use it for free for another 30 days. It's intuitive with simple features, so it's perfect for the first time using the Gantt chart. It can also be used from smartphones. When using it for a fee, necessary functions such as CSV function and notification function can be added separately.


Gantt charts are a very useful tool for project and schedule management. in recent years, various companies have provided easy-to-use tools. there are many free-to-try services, so why not take this opportunity to consider introducing the gantt chart tool?

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