Monday 24 January 2022

Qualifications for Project Management - New Project Leaders Struggles

While doing his duties as a project leader, he seems to be studying management little by little, and today he seems to be consulting his seniors about acquiring qualifications.

what are my project management qualifications?

taro : sempay! i'd like some advice today.

i've been studying project management recently, and i suddenly thought that project management is also qualified, isn't it?
i have a qualification as a basic information engineer, but i'm thinking of keeping it if i can get a qualification in project management.
today, i would like to ask you what kind of qualifications project management has and what kind of qualifications you should acquire, but can you ask? senior: oh, that's fine.

it's a project management qualification. there are many things, but have you checked it yourself? taro : yes, i've examined it a little bit, but i'm lost because i'm not sure which one is better.

it would be helpful if you could give us a brief overview of the typical qualifications.


Senior : Yes, let's talk about PMP qualification first.

PMP stands for Project Management Professional and is sponsored by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a U.S. nonprofit organization. There is a PMI Japan branch in Japan.

Our company's package: You know that the Object Browser PM (PM), a project
management tool, is a PMBOK(Project Management Body of Knowledge)-compliant tool, right? Taro : Yes, I know that.

It is a know-how of project management that categorizes knowledge about project management into 10 knowledge areas and 5 processes, and PM has a menu structure that follows its structure. Seniors: As expected, I'm also a project leader, and I'm just using PM.

Taro : Eh!

Seniors: The first reason I introduce PMP is because of the PMBOK-based exam.

PMP qualifications are exams conducted based on the PMBOK guide developed by the PMI, so there is something that passes through pm.

Questions will be given from the scope of project start-up, planning, execution, monitoring and management, and termination, and will be tested with 200 elective (four-way) computer mark sheets in 4 hours. Based on the PMBOK Guide, the aim is to measure your experience, education, and knowledge of project management to determine whether you are suitable as a project management professional.

However, this is not a legal qualification or license, but an international certification to prove that you have expertise. Taro : Well, PM is a pmbok-compliant tool developed by PMI, so it's a good idea to have the PMP qualifications implemented by the same PMI.

Seniors : However, the examination fee is expensive ($405 to $555), and in order to maintain your qualifications, it is difficult to have a renewal fee every three years.

The difficulty seems to be as high as it is. The pass rate is about 60%.

Also, since the qualifications for the examination are set quite strictly, it is also a feature that anyone can not take the exam easily.

University graduates and above must have more than 4,500 hours of work experience and 36 months of PM experience.

After completing that, you can take the PMP exam for the first time by taking a 35-hour PM training. Taro : Eh!?

Are there any criteria required to take the exam? After 36 months of PM experience, I'm still freshly PL, so is it impossible? SSenior : Well, maybe, you should calculate it later.

You will be asked to submit a proof of experience in project management when applying for the exam. The 35-hour official PM training covers courses provided by the following institutions:

✓ REP (registered educational institution recognized by PMI Headquarters) ✓ University ✓ PMI branch ✓ In-company education ✓ E-learning ✓ Training institutions

It is necessary to fill out the application form based on the training name, training location, implementation date, number of hours, and materials on the training content. The materials will be required for a later audit, so you need to keep them. Taro : Hie, isn't that quite a hurdle! ?

Senior: There is another reason why I recommend this qualification.

Taro : What about that?

Senior : I'm a PMP acquirer on a business card!

It's to write. Taro : Oh, sometimes, people with PMP marks on their business cards!

That!? SSeniors : Yes, PMP is an international qualification, so it seems that many people describe PMP on business cards of IT consultants.

As I will introduce later, the qualifications of project managers sponsored by IPA are comparable to PMP, but it seems that there are many people who describe it on business cards as PMP, which is an international qualification.

Taro : Why not?

I think it's okay to list a qualification that is comparable. Seniors : Yes, the IPA project manager exam has a lower pass rate and the difficulty seems to be higher, but people with both qualifications tend to appeal to PMP.

However, on the other hand, there is also an information site that the IPA project manager is the TOP in the appeal qualification ranking with sales effect, so it may be better to think that it is only rumors.
If you have both, you'll choose by your own values, but if you only have one, you don't have a choice. Senior: Well, I'm pushing PMP, so I want to put PMP on my business card.

For a few reasons, one is that you can appeal your practical skills.

As I mentioned earlier, the PMP qualification is a hurdle that must be cleared just by taking the exam. Therefore, unlike the qualifications that I desperately gained only for studying for exams, it will also prove my work experience for more than 3 to 5 years. I think it's also an appeal point to keep it up and continue. Taro : Oh, that's right!

It's only when you have work experience that you can take the exam, indeed. Senior : Another reason is that the sound of international qualifications is cool! ?

For that reason, I personally want the title of PMP.
:... Oh, yes, it's cool, yes.


Senior: The following is the Project Manager Examination (PM).

This is an examination sponsored by the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA), and it will be a kind of information processing engineer examination system that Taro has. IPA itself is famous, so I think it's a high-profile test. Taro : Yes, yes, it is also this qualification that I examined.

Senior: I think this exam is also very difficult.

Seniors: The test takes 300 minutes in total, and there are both multiple choice (limb selection) and descriptive type.

In 2017, the pass rate was 13.1%, so it would be difficult. This exam is held only once a year in the spring, so I think that the reason why the pass rate is lower than PMP is that there are few chances and that unlike the PMP exam, anyone can take the exam because there is no qualification for taking the exam. The cheapness of the examination fee of 5,100 yen is saved. Taro : I see, that's why the pass rate is low, isn't it?

However, I think both hurdles are high, so I don't have another qualification?


Senior : Then, the last thing to introduce is P2M.

P2M is a concept that originated in Japan by adding program management to the project management system organized by PMBOK, etc. A project is a unit of activity that has a specific period individually, but program management is implemented in order to collaborate and supervise multiple projects and achieve continuous results.
Unlike the previous two exams, P2M has the following types of qualifications depending on your level:

It might be a good idea to take the exam from the PMS (intermediate) level. The pass rate is 83%.
Taro : Well, there are exams such as PMP, PM, and P2M just by introducing it roughly.
Among them, what I can take now is PM and P2M (PMC, PMS). Senior: That's what it is.

How? Would you like to take it? Taro :......

Yes, it may not be possible immediately, but I will continue my studies while gaining practical experience in the current project and aim to acquire qualifications. Senior : Yes, good luck!

Taro : By the way, what qualifications do your seniors have?

Senior: Well, then, I'm going home.

Taro :......

Seniors, qualifications ... You don't have one?

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