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Can Ever A PM beginner do it? How to make a Project Plan?


Creating a project plan is the first step in making your project successful.
If you arrive at this article, you may have started to look up project management and project plans because your boss told you to "try PM soon" or "Try making a project plan"?

We know the importance of the project plan.

  • i want to push the basics to make a better project plan
  • i'm not sure how the project plan is constructed in the first place.
  • i don't know what to make.
  • don't have this kind of trouble?

In this article, I will explain a simple project plan that should be made at least for young software PMs in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can free you from such troubles.

Depending on the size of your project, it's often a plan with a volume that exceeds dozens of pages.
However, this level of project plan can be written because it is a veteran PM who has many years of experience. It will be difficult for young PMs to make a plan at this level suddenly. Instead of suddenly growing taller, it is important to start with simple things and hone your skills step by step. Read this article and make it your first step in successful project.

In addition, in this article, there is also a sample material of the project plan, so i think that you can use it together with the article.

1. project plan objectives

What is the purpose of building a project plan in the first place?

The purpose of building a project plan is to make the project successful. To make a project a success, it's very simple: set goals (quality, cost, deadlines) and plan the activities needed to achieve this.
However, it takes some effort to build a project plan. Therefore, it is a pattern that tends to start a project without building a project plan and fail as a result.

There is no rule in the type of the project plan. Many project plans are based on the PMBOK framework and are customized according to the company and pm experience. In the next chapter, we will explain the specific contents of the project plan.


2.Items to be included in the project plan

2-1. project overview (objectives and goals)

the slide in the project overview outlines two main purposes: objectives and goals. bullet points are also fine.
the number of slides should be summarized in about 1 to 3 slides.


the purpose is to summarize "what project is it for?" in a few lines. software development is inherently tied to business strategy. if it is a project plan to show to the executives, it is a good idea to write so that you can understand the link with the business strategy.


・ In the

Case of Q (Quality) software, the quality is defined in detail at the "service level" in advance. The two main contents are the quality of the software itself (bug and response time) and the operation quality after operation (operation rate, recovery time in the event of failure, operation system, number of inquiries immediately after operation, etc.). The content of the service level you define depends on the content of your project.

・ C (cost)

Cost targets often set cost ratio and profit targets. The cost plan itself is the cost target.

・ D (Delivery Date)

The delivery date target is an important milestone and launch date. If we can't protect this, it will also affect our cost targets.



Scope means range. The scope slide defines the scope and artifacts of the target system. First, clarify the scope of the system, and then create a WBS to identify the necessary tasks. WBS can also be the source of the master schedule. WBS is an attachment to the project plan.

In a project, there are many multiple stakeholders. If the scope of work is different for each stakeholder, describe it so that you know which work is responsible for which. For large projects, a separate scope definition book may be created and the summary may be written in the project plan.

〈scope of target system〉
The system scope of this project will be easy to understand by using the system configuration diagram as shown in the figure below.

If it is only a system configuration diagram, information is insufficient (I do not know whether the system-to-system cooperation is also an object or whether infrastructure procurement is also necessary), so be sure to write supplementary information. It is OK with an excerpt from WBS.


The cost slide shows the total cost to the project and its breakdown.


The granularity of the breakdown is based on the level of software (development and licensing costs), hardware (main unit cost and license cost), network cost (if necessary), labor cost (internal and external human resources), other outsourcing costs, equipment costs, etc. let's prepare a detailed breakdown of the quotation level in the attached b document. at kick-off meetings attended by all stakeholders, the cost slide is removed. i use it only when i use it for internal use.


2-4. Schedule

For the slide of the schedule, make a master schedule that is scheduled to about 1 to 3 PowerPoints. Also specify important milestones and critical paths in the master schedule.

Detailed schedules are managed by WBS, but WBS is too detailed to explain to management. Therefore, in the project plan, the master schedule is posted and WBS is an attachment.


2-5. Project structure

Be sure to specify all the characters, responsible persons, and the roles of each person, including both internal and external, on the project structure slide. the project structure is easier to understand by writing in the following two writing methods.

〈project structure map〉
project structure diagrams in the form of organizational charts have the characteristics of being highly visible and easy to understand. the disadvantage is that roles are difficult to write. roles are listed on separate slides in tabular form or below the project structure diagram.

〈role table〉
role tables include company names, positions, and roles in a tabular format.
this slide clarifies the project structure and responsibilities.


2-6.Quality management


The quality slide defines the specific criteria that the system and operations must achieve. depending on the size of the project, a separate "service level definition document" is created to define detailed criteria. the service level definition document is too detailed to explain to the executives, so we will pick up and post the most important items.


2-7. Communication

The communication slides describe the meeting bodies and communication rules (meeting minutes, email, and project management tools). the quality of communication has a significant impact on the quality of the project. there are many projects where you forget communication plans, but don't forget to plan.

〈meeting body〉

〈rules for making minutes〉
Preparation of minutes shall be prepared by Company A with the persons in charge of all meetings.
Minutes shall be sent to all stakeholders by e-mail within 3 days after the end of the meeting.
After receipt, approval will be made by Company A and Company B PM. If there are any confirmations, we will exchange and adjust between PMs at any time.

〈e-mail rules〉
E-mail shall be operated under the following rules.
・ E-mail destination (TO): Only those
who want to communicate To ・ Email
destination (CC): All PM and subcommittee parties ・ Subject: [Project name] [Subcommittee name] [Email requirements]

〈project management tool〉
Project management shall be conducted using Red mine. All project documentation is aggregated and managed on Red mine. Red mine's operating rules shall be operated as defined in the attached "Red mine Operation Rules".


2-8. risks and countermeasures

the risk and countermeasures slide identify as much potential risks as possible during the project and describe the countermeasures for each risk. identifying and addressing risks is also something that is often forgotten in many projects. it is good when it is going well, but when a problem occurs, there may be a big difference in response speed based on whether there is a countermeasure.



In this article, I have explained in an easy-to-understand manner how to write a simple project plan that should be made at least for young software PMs who are making a project plan for the first time.
There are various frameworks for project plans such as PMBOK, but there is no such thing as a correct answer.

Based on frameworks such as PMBOK, let's create the optimal project plan with the experience of each company and PM. Through these efforts, my skills as a project manager will be honed.
This time, we have prepared a sample of the project plan, so let's make a project plan referring to this article.

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