Tuesday 7 December 2021

Why every manager should learn project management?

Product managers in the workplace to master a variety of skills, in the face of daily demand from all parties and project follow-up, all kinds of emotions are to come to the door;

Because of anxiety and follow the trend

Most people engaged in the internet industry every once in a while will produce a wave of anxiety: recently clearly very busy, but feel that the work is not going well;

Whenever there is a set of anxiety, there will be another set of people to harvest while anxiety: "20 years old he earns a million dollars a year, only because he did the right thing", "those who learned xx, and then all burst", "three months to move to xx big factory, you can also do" ...

As a veteran netizen, see these marketing numbers have been immunized, but occasionally can't help but point in, quickly slide to the bottom, well, it is advertising, point fork exit.


However, when really anxious, found that they may have some extent been caught up in the daily work, become the "authority fan" of the authorities, this time they began to try outside learning channels, actively close to the sales of the class marketing number.

Product manager is a new position, in the university does not have a corresponding professional, in vocational education, there is no special corresponding qualification certificate, but look at their colleagues, has been many of the peer's small partners have to test pmp, psychological anxiety, so also follow the trend to register for study and examination.

work causes anxiety because of job uncertainty, clear planning of the path, but there will always be a lot of strange interference.

The examination can alleviate anxiety because the examination brings certainty to people, as a relatively good at the examination, the examination is in a bunch of identified question banks, looking for relative maturity law process.

Although the test can not completely solve the problem, but can alleviate our anxiety, give us a certain sense of security, although do not know whether the actual work can really use these examination process to learn, but the moment of success, still can give us some "i have this certificate to prove that i have these abilities" sense of security.

Second, because high-level product managers must understand project management
in everybody is product manager 2.0 - to pan product manager, su jie writes:

Product managers and project managers, abbreviations are pm, are the product of matrix organization, to do projects to get things done, so 10 years ago many people can not distinguish between these two pm, now this situation is relatively rare.


I think the core difference between them is that one is thinking, one is doing it, the project manager is the executive, the focus is on the task, not as the proposer of the task, what is needed is the ability to execute, plan and control.

Product managers are the proposers of tasks, more need creativity, of course, product managers should also have a certain degree of project management capabilities.

The smaller the project, the more certain it is, the more closed the proposition, and the bigger the product, the more open the proposition.


Product managers rely on thinking, project managers rely on doing, it seems that product managers more "senior" point, but the position is not really high or low, on the contrary, senior product managers (department managers) often must have project management characteristics, such as how to plan direction, management progress, management of resource mobilization, control costs, quality assurance, coordination of multi-party relations and so on.

Also did not say, "product managers should also have certain project management skills";

For example, jobs, the "product coach" whom countless product managers admire, has an odd personality and a bit of a bossy management, but in fact, with a range of excellent apple products, jobs is definitely a good project manager.

Because the project life cycle is part of the product life cycle


The following diagram shows the classic product life cycle and project life cycle.

The product life cycle is usually much longer than the project life cycle, which refers to the entire evolution of "concept-delivery-growth-maturity-decline", while the project life cycle generally refers to the production delivery phase, the process of "analysis-design-development-testing", which accounts for only a small period of the product life cycle from product start-up to market.

Product manager learning project management 01: why product manager should learn project management


In the internet age, agile product development has given new meaning to the relationship between the product life cycle and the project lifecycle, and as the following illustration shows, agile methods are continuously applied throughout the product lifecycle for a "development-operational-feedback" cycle, with project management throughout the product lifecycle.

Product manager learning project management 01: why product manager should learn project management


The curve in the figure above is cumulative net cash flow. "creative" and "development" stages, the cumulative net cash flow is negative, because these two stages are mainly investment, no income, and after the product release, gradually have income, accumulated net cash flow gradually back positive, and to a certain stage, the attractiveness of the product gradually decreased or subverted by peers;



The above stated 3 points product manager to learn the main reasons for project management, in fact, or many other reasons, such as the project management of many methodologies in the product manager's daily work is also very applicable, this i have experienced very deeply in the recent learning process;

In short, i learn project management, not only to win this certificate, more is to learn from this learning process, learn more knowledge and methodology, applied to the practical work in the future.

After all, i spent a lot of time and money to learn project management.

This article is the first article of "product manager learning project management", which will gradually update my experience of learning project management.

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