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What the project master plan contains

What does the general control plan, level one, level two, and level three plan mean in project project management - : The overall control plan is level one, the phased duration or divisional engineering plan is the second level, and the weekly plan combined with the actual needs of the site is three levels.

What is the work content of the project master control? 


What is the work content of the project control: The core content of the project control is information collection, information processing, preparation of various control reports, that is, through information processing to reflect the state of material flow.

What is the total control schedule? :

(1) This plan points out the final progress target for the project, points out the starting and completion time for each major division and sub-project, and can reflect the logical constraint relationship between the divisions and sub-projects, as well as the key routes in each division and sub-project;
(2) The duration of each division and sub-project in the general control plan shall be formulated, in principle, to meet the actual needs of the site construction; Second, to comply with the contract signed the duration provisions;
(3) Party A takes the lead in the formulation of the overall control schedule, the professional responsible person and the general contract, subcontracting to participate in the opinion, after careful study to determine;
(4) Once the general control plan is determined, it becomes the program document of the project construction, all parties should strictly comply with the implementation, do not make easy changes;
(5) The contract shall stipulate that all parties to the construction must abide by the general control plan, and that any party that conforms to or violates the terms of the contract shall provide for corresponding and clear incentives and punishments I hope my answer can help you.

What does the project control mean? :

The overall project control refers to the comprehensive coordination of the project implementation activities in an independent and fair manner, and the comprehensive system planning around the cost, progress and quality objectives of the project, so as to form a reliable and safe goal control mechanism for the implementation of the project. Total project controls include CostControlling, Time Control, Quality Control, Contract Control and Resource Control.

What is the connotation of the project total control? : Project Control mode is the application of Controlling theory in the implementation of construction projects. The Controlling theory, which is applied to enterprise management, refers to "the comprehensive management activities of production and operation in an independent and impartial manner...

What is included in the total construction schedule

The total construction schedule is based on the project group project as the object, the whole site of all the construction activities put forward a schedule; Mainly to determine the division, sub-project and key process preparation, implementation period, start and completion date; Determine the amount of human resources, materials, finished products, semi-finished products, construction machinery needs and deployment programs, for the project manager to determine the site temporary facilities, water, electricity, transportation needs and time required to provide a basis. 


The preparation of construction schedule should be carried out according to the work content, work procedure, duration and connection relationship of each construction stage, as well as the overall progress target, according to the principle of optimal allocation of resources.

Excuse me, what should be included in the overall construction schedule? What documents are attached?

No additional documentation is required. It's just a master plan. Typical network plans vary widely between different types of projects. Such as housing construction, roads, bridges, water and electricity. Take the housing construction project as an example. First, the front process, the back process in accordance with the site, summed up as the path.± 0.00 structure earth excavation→ slope support → basic brick tire ...

What is the difference between the project control mode and the project management?

The biggest difference between the project control mode and the project management is that one is the master control and the other is the supervisor! Specific I suggest you can look at some specific analysis and explanations at the Project Management Research Let's see what people say.

What is included in the control plan? 


(1) to determine the boundaries of land of different nature within the scope of the plan, to determine the types of buildings suitable for construction within various types of land, unfit to build or conditionally permitted to be built; (2) to determine the height of buildings, building density, volume ratio, green space rate and other control indicators; Determine the requirements of public facilities, traffic entry and exit location, parking space, building back red line...

What is included in the project plan?

Content of project planning: 1. Scope plan, which defines the scope of all necessary work and activities of the project, further clarifies the project objectives and key deliverables on the basis of clear project constraints and assumptions. The scope plan of the project is an important document basis for future project implementation.2. Work plan, its.

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