Sunday 5 December 2021

Weekly Summary & Plans for Project Manager

Weekly report is a routine report in project communication, you can comb the progress of the project, synchronize the latest progress and effect of the project, communication problems encountered, get feedback from stakeholders.

This article will be introduced from the three main parts of the weekly newspaper, the 3S principles of communication and the four main points of writing the weekly report for the main reference.

Main parts of the weekly report

Work of the week

  • The description of the work around this week consists of three parts:feedback on what was achieved this week in terms of deliverables
  • The reason why the task completion was expected and did not meet expectations
  • The overall health and completion of the project percentage

Problems encountered

  • Regular grooming of problems and solutions can be beneficial to the successful completion of a project, and the weekly report should include:
  • Expose issues: new issues and solutions that emerged this week, previously identified issues, and status updates for their management policies
  • Outstanding risks: new risks emerging this week and management plans to address them coordination request: which parties' coordination assistance is required for issues that are not addressed this week

Work plan for next week

To clarify next week's priorities and priorities to manage your time more rationally, you can refer to the following steps:

List the key tasks for next week identify the output goals for each task
Evaluate the amount of tasks, schedule time allocation, and identify time


The purpose of the weekly newspaper is to communicate, communication of the 3s principles: simple (simple), specific (clear), soft (non-confrontational) also applies to weekly newspaper:

  • Be concise, focus on the "core information points" and reject redundant information
  • Be clear and ensure the effective transmission of information
  • Non-confrontational, seeking common goals

key points

Starting from the 3s principle of communication, summarize the four main points of writing the weekly report.


On output, not processwhen writing a project weekly report, be sure to keep one principle in mind: results orientation. the so-called results-oriented is to show what you have done, not what you have done.

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