Friday 3 December 2021

Using Project Management for analyzing data to improve business performance


We do data analysis can be forced, hard to do data analysis, but by the leadership of a painful meal, difficult. to get data analysts to drive their work more effectively, this involves project management. how data analysts can use project management to advance their business, let's take a look.

after we mastered the method of data analysis and the application of thinking, we worked hard to complete the analysis, but the business said it was useless.

and in the process of implementation, often hit the wall, the business continues to push away, resulting in the overall business project progress can not be expected to complete.

therefore, we do data analysis and data field practitioners, should have a certain project management capacity, promote the effective landing of the business to ensure that the overall project to achieve expectations.

9 years of experience in operations and data analysis, is now working in a large domestic chain brand, responsible for group-level data work.

a wealth of first-line execution experience and high-level architectural design experience, specializing in project management, combining data, business operations and internal operations, management and optimization.

there are three parts to share how data analysts can use project management to advance their business:

  • how i use project management to transfer data analysts;
  • how project management drives business;
  • share common classic cases.
  • in order to better prepare for this meeting, you need to help do two things:

why do you want to participate in this session of the exchange, and what do you want to gain from the exchange?
at the end of the meeting, please tell me about your harvest and feelings.
before we share, we can think about a few questions:

what do you think is project management?

what is the relationship between project management and data analysis?

in this process, it is recommended to listen carefully throughout, with thinking to listen (to see).

first, how do i use project management to transfer
at the time, how did i use project management thinking to move from operations to data analysts?

in fact, after i have done a few years of operation, its work mainly includes first-line business operations and internal management operations, are doing the implementation, has felt the ceiling, need to find a breakthrough, so began to think about how to break the situation.

at this point, breaking is my goal.

after doing some research on recruitment market positions and understanding a variety of information, i finally determined that there are two break-through scenarios:

  • job-hopping promotion - to be an operations manager;
  • transfer to a raise - be a data analyst.
  • through the market operations manager and data analyst recruitment needs research, found that the salary comparison in place of the position, there will be "project management" ability needs.

in the case of their own technical strength is not enough, if through project management skills, to promote the implementation of something in the company or the value of a business sector, it is also a career pay rise promotion of a big weapon.

so what is the value of project management? i think:

  • project management is a necessary skill with a monthly salary of more than ten thousand;
  • project management is a great weapon of the value of its own work.

above, i am sure that there are two break-through programs, two choose one, how to choose?

here, let's share a core framework for project management:

as long as you can do these 4 steps, the probability of achieving the goal of each project will be greatly increased.

even if something goes wrong in the middle, it can be found very quickly and clearly sorted out as a lesson learned or a solution is proposed.

then the above 4 steps summarized into a formula, we must remember: goal realization , quantifiable program , strict implementation of the results of control.

next, we'll sort out how i've moved from operations to data analytics through project management ideas.

in fact, we look at the whole process above there is no clever place, is to get a data analyst's job around this goal, and step by step strict implementation, output of small results, and ultimately complete the goal of the entire project.

that's how i used project management to move from operations to data analytics.

now, let's take a look at how to use project management to break through the monthly salary of more than ten thousand?

by matching their abilities or even surpassing the current recruitment market, the monthly salary of more than 10,000 jobs demand.

well, the overall scenario came into being, but at the moment it's just one direction, it's still empty, and we need to continue to break it up and refine it to be something we can understand quantifiable and achievable.

what to think about in a split scenario:

  • what are the job requirements for a salary of more than ten thousand a month?
  • what needs are most important?
  • what needs do you currently meet?
  • what needs need to be learned and promoted on your own?
  • by answering this split, our execution plan will be very clear.

however, through my research, i learned that there are currently more than 10,000 data analysis job recruitment needs, generally including the following skills:

Reporting PPT, taking a BI Kanban, writing sql, building a data framework, building an operational metrics system, being able to collaborate deeply with the business team, and so on, can all complete the learning upgrade at this stage.

students here will ask, what about working with the business team in depth?

second, how to use project management to promote the business
now we through the hard work of the strange upgrade, has now come out of the novice village, the monthly salary has been more than ten thousand, need to start to do management, independent promotion of the project.

here's what you need to tell you before you get to the point of this course, how to use project management to drive business:

project management, said so deep, in fact, it is not difficult to get started.

respecting science, i'd like to share with you the explanation of project management in the encyclopedic interpretation:

overall monitoring and control of activities related to the successful achievement of a range of objectives, such as tasks. this includes planning, scheduling, and maintaining the progress of the activities that make up the project.

listen a little around and share my own knowledge:

I want to achieve a goal, need to find a way to use various resources through various ways to achieve;
project management is the process of defining goals and achieving them.
therefore, there are several core elements of project management:

through the above sharing, i believe that we have a clearer understanding of project management than in the past.

i just briefly share their own plans and ideas, hoping to throw bricks and mortar, and everyone's ideas to produce some collision.

with a monthly salary of 20,000, there is a branch of talent.

do you want to continue to go deep into your business as a business data analyst? or delving into technology, working as an algorithm engineer or big data analyst?

in fact, this problem is simpler, i was not born in cobaan, deep farming business for many years, of course, the former is more suitable for themselves.

if there is a particular interest in technology, algorithmic meritoriousness and big data analysts are well worth exploring, and at the same level, pay more than the previous one.

back to the point, we talked about the definition of project management and the basic framework, and then, we introduce the case, in-depth explanation for everyone, how to project management ideas, into the actual work.

The actual case

project management is a process management that is responsible for the results of achieving a goal, by mobilizing resources, and then achieving a small goal.

Once the entire transition process is complete, the success of the transition is only a result, and the process is project management.

Next, we will share a common project management case in the online business segment, user conversion rate increase. is to use the project management approach, for the "user conversion rate improvement" this goal of management.

After the above questions are clear, in order to achieve this big goal, our secondary goal, or even the third level four goal, can be split out.

It's best to brainstorm with X mind.

It is best to pull the business partner (who can be referred to as an expert), obtain information resources and their proposed solution (after all, the final execution, most of the work will still fall on the business partner' head) and confirm the proposal with the relevant parties, and present the scenario as a project execution schedule in accordance with WBS (work breakdown structure).

Depending on the size of the project and the highest driver, the project can generally be divided into group projects, company projects, departmental projects.

Several levels, different levels, the difficulty of resource mobilization is not the same, the most difficult resources are cross-sectoral mobilization and financial resource mobilization, understand.

In order to achieve resource mobilization, before communication, we must carefully ponder each other's historical behavior habits, combined with this project can bring value to each other, think clearly after these, presented as text, rational speech, exercise several times, and then to communicate.

If you do communicate many times, and know to reason with emotion, or not, then only take the "first salute after soldier" way.

Directly pull the big flag pull the tiger skin, find the project head to support you, let him help communicate.

If you are the head of the person in charge, go to the leader, the first level to find, until success.

Of course, it is not recommended to stick to the end, according to the actual situation of random response.

After all, the project has come this far, and most of the opinions are agreed upon in the early communication and confirmation sessions.

At the same time, this time to learn to synchronize information and publicity praise, when a key achievement is completed or milestones are completed, should be in the project team, happy news.

This point is very important, this is responsible for their own, but also responsible for the project members and the company.

What problems are encountered, whether the problem can be solved, what help we expect, what help we can actually provide, if it does not, why, whether there are alternatives, and what alternatives are.

Once the project is complete, we'll be making real-time observations of the user's conversion rate.

See if expectations are met, and if so, move forward with the project;

If not achieved, it is necessary to analyze the reasons, to carry out problem splitting, how to analyze and split, reference to the first step of project management.

Identify problems, analyze problems, set goals, split goals.

So share a trick with an oil poem: (pictured below)

when the project time or objectives are reached, the project is agreed by the project leader and the relevant company leader, and after the project summary meeting, the project is officially closed.

If the follow-up work, you can start the second phase of the project process, at this time, the new project, on the slow start.


throughout the process of the data analysis project, you will find that solving executable problems through data analysis is a progressive approach from top to bottom.

First to ensure the right direction, clear objectives, and then implement to the specific responsible person, and then specific to the object, and then look at the specific operation of large categories of input and output, as for creativity, there can be.

However, this layered logical approach is also a lack of data analysis capabilities.

Empirically, data analysts tend to be conservative and often lack the ability to drive management.

Therefore, project management is of great significance in the process of data analysis projects.

Business drives and landings during the period require project management capabilities.

In short, project management is a "balanced" art, project implementation process is like a difficult journey, project management is to ensure the success of the project means.

Project management is not an end in itself, and project success is the ultimate goal of project implementation.

It is not easy to thoroughly talk about "project management", which involves complex people, things and things.

Therefore, this sharing is only a simple project management combing, a beginning, but i believe that through continuous learning and practical practice, we need to have a deeper understanding of project management.

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