Friday 31 December 2021

Tools for project management standardization

The standardization of project management is the only way for project management to mature, and it is also the proper meaning of project management to realize from extensive management to institutionalized, standardized and standardized fine management. in practice, construction enterprises should control the five "sharp tools" to promote the project to a standardized management platform.

Organizational patterns complement each other - directional

The establishment of an efficient project organization model is the organization guarantee of project success and the primary thrust of project management. organizational management should follow the following principles:
The principle of purpose. group weaving management from the "all in order to ensure the realization of project objectives" to start, because of the goal and set up things, because of the establishment of institutions, posts, hierarchical, depending on the responsibility of the post, because of the responsibility and authorization. 


The rational setting of the project organizational structure is the basis for the standardization, process and control of organizational management, and the project management team should be set up around the overall goal of short duration, low cost, high quality, high efficiency and improving economic efficiency.
The principle of management range. the theory of the organization of the present generation pays attention to the scientific nature of the management range. 


Appropriate management margins, coupled with appropriate hierarchies and appropriate delegation of authority, are essential conditions for the establishment of an efficient organization. the efficiency of the organization is premised on good communication, and effective leadership cannot be implemented without orders and adequate two-way communication. project management should gradually change the project leadership team, departments, employees three-tier management structure, explore the "de-departmentalization" of the management model, shorten the management scale.
the principle of systematization. the systematic principle of project organization management is determined by the project itself systematically. construction projects in technology, engineering, business and other internal and external aspects of their own systems. at the same time, the project as a whole, and the external environment there are a variety of "combination department." within the project, there are also a large number of "combined departments" between different professions, different types of work, different processes and different departments, which requires that the project organization is a complete organizational structure system, the work responsibilities of each person, work content and workflow to be clear and detailed, forming a clear job responsibility system. efforts to determine job responsibilities based on job content, to determine the number of jobs with job content, to determine the work flow with the standard system.
the principle of streamlining. project organization, under the premise of ensuring the completion of the necessary responsibilities, tries to simplify the organization, reduce the level, and truly complete its management functions, which is the key to the efficient operation of the project. in order to achieve standardization of staffing, three requirements should be met: first, scientific establishment of institutions and posts, to meet management requirements; second, reasonable staffing, clear job responsibilities; third, strengthen learning and training, and continuously improve the quality of personnel.

System management meticulous science - closed ring

manage goal visualization. at the beginning of the project, all kinds of work, but the most urgent and important thing is to clarify the team's goals and direction, the overall strategic deployment, the development of various types of "rules of the game", with a view to making all managers clear objectives, accurate direction, so as to achieve the intention to a place to think, to make a place to make the effect. at the same time, through the refining and generalization, the performance target, quality goal, safety goal, civilized construction goal, science and technology goal and other core content through the happy news, easy to accept the form of the declaration; break down management objectives into specific implementation processes, and constantly reinforce the impression that each employee can see, feel, and participate actively.

Standardization of management system. "no rules, no square." project management must have systems and rules as the basis, so as not to the team a loose sand, the lack of joint force. as a dispatching agency of an enterprise group, the project should combine the requirements of the owners and the characteristics of enterprise management, the introduction of a series of targeted, characteristic, creative management system, such systems include not only the impact of the project's major decisions, major rules, but also covers the project systematization, quantifiable specific implementation rules and work refers to the south, but also includes the project's management philosophy, model and staff code of conduct, as well as various types of project planning, such as project planning, business planning, capital planning. strictly according to the system to do things, in order to make team behavior in the long-term tend to be rational, avoid the risk of growth.
Manage the chain of processes. all management needs to be integrated and integrated, not only to ensure the smooth vertical management of each business system, but also to open up the cross-management barriers between business systems. in the vertical, each business system should pay attention to connecting from the project team to the site construction personnel between the management chain, the establishment of something responsible, clear responsibility, efficient implementation of the echelon; on the horizontal level, each business system should form a "unified alliance", departments and post personnel to complement each other "short board", to avoid "missing", the formation of a cross-cutting chain management process.

Plan management forward-looking dynamics - scheduling desk

establish a scientific and reasonable planning management system. "everything is pre-determined, not pre-determined." the "pre" of an engineering project is planning management. planning management is the key requirement to realize the standardized management of engineering projects, to cover each sub-item, each profession, each business system, can form the overall, stage, sub-professional section of the planning system; in particular, pay attention to the forward-looking, dynamic, coordinated and timely planning, to carry out adequate factors, resources, environmental analysis of the plan to ensure that the plan is reasonable, efficient, guided. at the same time, we should also take into account the professional plate in the process handover solutions, each plan should be fully demonstrated and coordinated by each professional section, but also timely summary and analysis of the phased plan, timely management of the deviation and loopholes in the management of the plan, in order to improve the scientific and guiding plan management.
with the "five rules of synchronization" guidance plan in place. one is overall management. any work in the project implementation process must be based on a sufficiently detailed plan. each plan must meet the contract performance requirements and construction organization design requirements, according to the prescribed process for the formulation, approval, release and monitoring. second, linkage management. the project should be based on the project schedule and be linked to the corresponding management activities that must be carried out to realize the schedule. third, hierarchical management. the node work in the overall implementation plan of the approved project will be formulated, and the control management and appraisal will be carried out at the level. fourth, process early warning management. the project integration management system software is established to realize the dynamic real-time update, which can be found and adjusted in time if there is a delay in planning. fifth, accountability management. according to the corresponding management requirements at different levels, in the corresponding level of management node problems, according to the size of responsibility to the relevant person in charge of accountability.

Process management cycle efficiency - monitor

project process management is the key link of the project construction life cycle, only to achieve efficient planning, organization, coordination, supervision and control, in order to make the whole project process in the best operating state, produce the best results.
fine-grained resource allocation. strict labor management. first, we should increase the audit of the entry gate of the labor force, follow the principle of "standardization, openness and merit", carry out competitive bidding work, select a number of excellent labor construction team with full quality, good reputation and high quality from the source, establish a dynamic evaluation mechanism of labor construction team, select the best recruitment according to the results of the examination; second, in accordance with the principle of "standard one, access one, build one, stabilize one, develop one", so that the labor force becomes a long-term cooperation with the company, relatively fixed social organizations, and gradually the labor force and enterprises between the loose cooperation into a close, relatively fixed type of cooperative relations; third, we should strengthen the introduction of excellent teams, take effective ways to the existing labor force in frank cooperation, excellent and pragmatic elite team stable, well-cultivated, good development.
material management is controllable. first, do a good job of material demand planning and dynamic adjustment. material demand planning must be closely integrated with the progress of construction and production and have a certain forward-looking. second, carefully select material suppliers, to really examine and comprehensively consider the credibility of manufacturers, production capacity, product quality and other factors. third, strengthen the supervision of material post personnel. we should choose employees with high loyalty and strong sense of responsibility to carry out material management and establish a perfect material supervision system. fourth, do a good job of material entry acceptance, inspection, warehousing and exit management, timely update material consumption and access to the account.
financial control rigidity. first, do a good job in financial budget management and adjust according to the actual timely, strictly control the project costs, especially non-productive costs. second, the fund payment must prepare a fund plan, strengthen the implementation of the "no contract not to pay, no settlement not to pay, no plan not to pay, no complete approval not to pay, no non-payment without a compliant bank account" principle. third, adhere to the "cash is king", strengthen the recognition of accounts receivable, recovery and early warning, and timely do a good job of collection and collection of arrears.
data analysis is real-time. in the construction of engineering projects, there will often be poor data analysis, resulting in the implementation of improvement measures is not in place. according to the theory of standardized management, any work should be completed by pdca cycle, because of the particularity of the project, the focus of data analysis should be on data sampling work, according to the different characteristics of different engineering projects, through regular and irregular analysis of the number of workers, material use, engineering volume, finance and other data, timely early warning of various risk points in the construction process, and constantly optimize management means to obtain maximum benefits at the lowest cost.

The responsibility assessment is dynamic. establish and improve the target system, responsibility system, hierarchical control system and assessment evaluation system, layer by layer decomposition responsibility, quantitative objectives; by formulating a detailed and perfect system to restrain the behavior of operators; to the detailed decomposition of the plan as a guide, fixed person, regular, fixed post, fixed responsibility, fixed-point, assessment and evaluation, strictly cash the award and punishment, to ensure that the construction process is effectively controlled. 


To focus on quality, safety, node duration, site management and other aspects, take the regular assessment and daily assessment of the combination of comprehensive assessment and individual assessment complement each other, the project department to carry out a comprehensive, the whole process of dynamic goal assessment management. at the same time, standardized content is regularly reviewed and updated.

Please risk management sword high suspension - lightning rod

because of the particularity of the project construction, the risk coefficient is large, once the project risk is out of control, it will bring adverse effects and even serious consequences to enterprises and individuals, so we must attach great importance to risk management.
establish a practical quality control system. construction enterprises according to the quality control model, the establishment of their own quality control system, the preparation of quality manuals, the formulation of quality guidelines, quality objectives, so that it is more directive, systematic, coordinated, operable, inspect able.
prepare a scientific and reasonable quality implementation plan. the implementation plan of quality excellence should include quality objectives, management requirements, control measures and other content, and need to implement dynamic management and adjustment; do a good job of process monitoring. do a good job in all stages of construction quality control and record, pay attention to quality model lead system and finished product protection, properly handle quality complaints and accidents; the quality of general diseases in the construction process of the project should be summarized and analyzed, and corrective and preventive measures should be formulated; strengthen the guidance and supervision of subcontract quality management, and seriously organize quality acceptance work.
effective control of the construction environment and construction processes. according to the characteristics and specific conditions of the project, effective measures should be taken to strictly control the environmental factors affecting the quality, especially to strengthen the management of construction personnel, material materials, machinery and equipment, establish a civilized construction and civilized production environment, improve the identification of hazardous sources and grade management capacity, materials and work pieces stacked in an orderly manner, in order to ensure quality and safety to create good conditions. in order to turn the quality of the project to pre-control after inspection, to achieve the "prevention-oriented" purpose, should be developed in the construction process of all aspects of the control of quality standards.
Strengthen the management of safe production and civilized construction. strive for standardized security management. the project department shall prepare the project safety and occupational health plan in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and enterprise standards, and improve the organization of safety production management; to carry out safety education and training in many forms, we must carry out entrance and daily safety education, and strengthen safety awareness through the high participation forms such as safety experience hall and safety drills. 


Through the development of standardized brochures, billboards, etc. to achieve on-site standardized settings, management; strengthen the supervision of the more dangerous sub-projects and fully implement the project leadership system.

Strengthen safety production inspection and assessment. safety work must be full, the whole process, all-round, all-weather "four-full" dynamic management. project leadership team to carry out weekly safety production supervision and inspection, project safety engineers daily safety inspection of the construction site, the safety hazards in time for rectification; the project department shall prepare the emergency plan for the project accident and carry out the exercise; establish a system of responsibility for safe production of projects, sign a responsibility letter for safety production objectives with each post, sign a safety management agreement with subcontracting units, implement safety responsibilities, regularly organize assessment and evaluation and award and punishment.
The realization of project management standardization is the fundamental foundation of enterprise management standardization, but also the inevitable requirement of enterprise health and scientific development. 


At the present time when china's economy has entered a new normal, it is imperative to strengthen the standardization of engineering projects. construction enterprises only continue to explore, hard work, improve the level and grade of standardized management, it is possible to build the foundation of enterprise development, and promote the whole construction industry's benign development.

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