Sunday 19 December 2021

The project manager has a role to play in the economic recovery

In the wake of natural disasters such as hurricane katrina and tragedies such as 11 september, we have all seen the power of the human spirit. in the face of destruction and destruction, people still want to make a difference - to rebuild their homes and to be "project managers" in their own world.

The recent crisis on wall street and its impact on the united states has made me wonder what role "project managers" will play in the recovery -- i mean, project managers aren't necessarily just government officials or pedics, maybe they're ordinary people like you and me who work in companies big and small, and sometimes even ourselves. we are all the engines of economic recovery, so whether we can manage the project effectively becomes critical at this point in time.

As the economy moves toward recovery, you can see a lot of documentation on risk management. as for how to implement a risk management plan, it is up to project management. project management is the driving force behind the recovery, and it will no longer be on paper, but will integrate strategy into every aspect of everyday life.

First, project management cannot be engraved on a stone monument. during a crisis, documentation is more important than usual. your project agreement should be alive, breathable, and change with the pulse of the times. the more people know it, understand it, and move on it, the more energetic it becomes. if you're the only one who knows about the plan, it must end up suffocating. in turbulent times, the situation is rapidly changing, so change must be communicated to people as quickly and effectively as possible. don't be afraid of change, the only thing to fear is silence and not communicating immediate goals and tasks to your team.

Second, the crisis unites the team. even under the best working conditions, team dynamics are not easily built. in a crisis, people are depressed. but people in crisis share a common goal, and that gives them a channel to vent their emotions. project managers need to provide everyone with clear goals for which they can strive, the opportunity to interact, and the freedom to express their feelings and aspirations openly. these are effective decompression measures. set your goals for the day every morning. you may also need to develop new team guidelines and codes of conduct that are unconventional but appropriate for crisis times.

Third, success and failure are valuable experiences. recessions often give project managers the opportunity to experiment with new approaches, new systems, and new procedures. whenever you step into unexplored new areas, be sure to do a good job of careful records. when the dust settles, your records show what will work and what won't.

Fourthly, any contribution should be recognized. people need to see success, hear the sound of success, smell it, taste it - no matter how small the victory will work. a key to achieving this goal is to show everyone that everyone's contribution is important. even if this success is small, it must be acknowledged and celebrated publicly , even if it is simply loudly celebrated: "things are getting better, this is the result of a concerted effort!"

Finally, people need hope. hope comes from positive leadership. as a leader, you should be able to resolve conflicts, come up with solutions, and provide ways for everyone to participate. the ultimate source of hope is to see the possibility of overcoming each challenge from the actions of others.

I read the news from the last few weeks and felt the unprecedented importance of project management. each of us has the potential to become a project manager. now is a good time to unlock this potential. let us all do our part to revive the economy with passion and creativity.

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