Wednesday 15 December 2021

The project management progress is the key to success

For a project, progress is the key to success, so a schedule is needed to control the progress of the project.

The schedule provides managers with a convenient feature: timed tracking. he doesn't have to stare at his employees all day to see their work status.

The purpose of the work plan:

Work plan can clear the goal and achieve the specific steps, can coordinate everyone's concerted action, enhance the initiative of the work, reduce the blindness of the work, let the work be carried out in an orderly manner, at the same time, the work plan can also have a guarantee and standard of work progress and quality, the work of everyone has a binding and supervision role, such as work plan can be implemented to people, so that everyone received their own task, if the project has any problems, not to find the root cause.

Clarify everyone's responsibilities

To ensure that each team member assumes responsibility for the project, avoids the bystander effect, and achieves project success, the project manager must do the following three things: task implementation, personnel implementation, and organizational implementation.

  1. The implementation of the task. in order to prevent mutual blame, ripping and unclear responsibilities, each task must have and be held accountable only by one person. if a job is the responsibility of two people, it should be further broken down.
  2. Personnel implementation. it is important to ensure that each specific work responsibility is assigned to specific individuals, avoiding being an organization, a department, a team. no one can be allowed to have rights and no obligations with regard to the project.
  3. The organization to implement. it is important to ensure that the people, processes and management platforms, technologies, and tools involved in project organization and implementation are aligned and that incentives are in place.

The plan has both a guiding and a driving effect on the work, and once the work plan is done, a working order of the project can be established.

At the beginning of the project, the product manager must make a project schedule and project task schedule, the project manager can use the project management tool progress cat to develop the project plan, and arrange the work of the project members, through the progress cat gantt diagram, the project manager can visually see what the project tasks? who's in charge? how much has been done? wait.

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