Sunday 19 December 2021

The maximum value that the project manager brings to the company's profits

Although the name of the project manager has been in the traditional project management for a long time, but the application of modern project management far beyond the scope of the traditional project management, into all aspects of project management. the project manager can be seen as an organizational image of an organization when executing a project, and the project manager is a middle manager who needs to manage the project through his management, reduce the cost of the project, and ensure the quality of the project. these are the values of a project manager

Projects without a project manager:

1. the delivery of the item arrived, unable to deliver ...
2. customer acceptance project, found that the quality can not pass ...
3. cost accounting, found that the cost is a big faster ...
4. the project is about to close, suddenly found that there is a place not done yet ...
5. the new project is about to start, and the discovery is back to the old way...


1, the project manager's words and deeds, all represent the overall image of the company, you are on behalf of the company rather than individuals and customers in communication, communication. for the customer's questions, the project manager is the direct recipient and respondent, which requires that they can not casually commit, sure things can be said (with the usual chat-style questioning is two concepts);
2, through the words and deeds of the project manager, free of charge for the enterprise publicity, the enterprise management system, corporate culture, working methods, quality system and other aspects of the customer, improve the customer's understanding of the enterprise and the project manager himself, trust.

The interior

1, the customer's multi-level needs back to the company, to provide sales staff to master the status of customers, requirements and other aspects of the elements;
2, will be absorbed from the customer's advanced management concepts, problem-solving methods, management systems, etc. back to the company, to help the company improve the process, reduce the expectations of customers, to maximize customer demand;
3, the project manager for customers to provide the better, the more perfect, the faster the completion of the enterprise time will be;
4, to fill the internal departments of the enterprise in the work flow of the gray area;
5, the project manager is for the successful completion of the project, the successful completion of the project to create value;
6, personally think that the project manager to the company's greatest value is long-term profit maximization, which is also the goal of the enterprise. the strategy of the enterprise is also formulated on this basis.

The company's long-term profit maximization needs to be achieved through the realization of strategic objectives, and the achievement of strategic objectives of the enterprise needs to be achieved through a series of projects or portfolios (progrom, portfolio). (note: here we regard commercial operations in other industries as projects in addition to it and construction projects)

As responsible for the project objectives, through a variety of technologies, skills, methods to achieve the project objectives, within the specified time frame, within the prescribed budget plan, within a certain cost range, to complete the tasks delivered by the organization. through the implementation of these projects, the company's strategic intent is reflected. in order to maximize the long-term profits of enterprises.

The project manager needs to be responsible to the company's senior management, in the company's various project conflicts under the limited resources to complete the task of high-level delivery, the project manager also needs to be responsible to the customer at the level, the delivery of results to achieve a considerable level of customer satisfaction, if the project involves procurement, but also to deal with suppliers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, seek common development, the project manager to be responsible for team formation, team building, team performance appraisal and so on.

In a word, a good project manager, the realization of corporate strategy important pieces, the ultimate implementer of tactics, to achieve the project objectives as their own responsibility. responsible for the project management of the five process groups, nine areas of knowledge, 44 project management process. in order to achieve the project objectives, to achieve the long-term profit maximization of the enterprise.

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