Friday 17 December 2021

Quality management is an important responsibility of the project manager

With the development of the construction industry, the status, responsibilities and objective requirements of project managers have changed significantly. 


In the project, the project manager is the sole representative of the enterprise legal representative on the project, responsible for the project has the same responsibility and power as the company manager, so the project manager not only to manage people, money, goods, to manage the coordination of the project and project progress, to achieve certain economic benefits, more importantly, to grasp the quality of the project control, create a certain social benefit, for the enterprise to win reputation, open up a broader market.

For the project manager, the project quality control is not only responsible for the project, but more importantly, the development of the enterprise has great strategic significance. 


Therefore, the project manager and the project department should firmly establish the "quality first" thinking, to seriously grasp the quality of the project as their own responsibility. as a county construction quality supervision administrative department staff, daily work, with many project managers, some of their ideas and practices have some understanding, but also see some of their problems. these questions come together, there are a few points.

To control the quality of the project, we must clarify the importance of project quality management.

Some project managers, the concept of quality management is not clear, did not really understand the project quality management of the main body is the project manager department and its affiliated institutions or functional personnel this basic concept; did not really understand the project quality management is for specific construction projects and the corresponding people and objects and other factors of production, focusing on the process quality management of this basic content. 


Some project managers in the project out of the quality problems, to find the enterprise management department, such as the relevant personnel to deal with the enterprise, they are either dry stare, or want to push the responsibility.


In fact, now with the project scale, difficulty, etc. more and more, more and more complex, higher technical content, more and more fine construction process, the project department of various production factors more and more optimized configuration, project manager  responsibility is also more and more important, more and more important, the meaning of the project manager responsible system more clearly stated that the realization of the project quality objectives is the main responsibility of the project manager. therefore, the project manager must overcome the traditional, low-level, obviously anachronistic enterprise quality management shortcomings in quality management, all directly or indirectly affect the quality of the project factors, are included in the scope of project quality management control, personally grasp this important link.

some project managers seem to attach great importance to the quality of engineering projects, but when it comes to the construction stress phase, they often pay attention to the progress, neglect the quality of construction, and the normal work of quality management often flows into form.

the quality of the project is related to the survival of the enterprise and the project department. project managers can not pay attention to the mouth, the actual thinking of "benefits", "quickly finish, take money away." you know, the quality of the project is the responsibility of the project manager. to perform this responsibility, for the project manager, is to personally grasp the project quality control.

the requirement of quality control of engineering project is to plan, supervise, inspect, guide and correct the controlled objects in order to achieve a specific goal, so as to keep them in a stable state of continuous management behavior. the basic requirements of project quality control are: project quality control should have a clear control subject. the main body of project quality control is the project manager's department, in order to implement the project quality control, the project manager's department should organize the quality management team or full-time quality inspection management personnel according to the specific conditions of the project, responsible for the project quality supervision, inspection, guidance and acceptance. it is the basic requirement of project management to set up full-time quality inspection management personnel in the project manager's department. project quality management should have clear objectives. the overall quality objectives of the project have been clearly defined in the contract or mission letter.

In order to achieve the overall goal must also have many sub-goals, sub-goals to achieve the overall goal of specific steps, such as in order to achieve the high-rise residential building project, we must achieve the floor structure engineering, decoration engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, pipeline installation project and other sub-projects excellent, in order to form the overall project excellent.

Therefore, after clarifying the quality objectives of the whole project, the project manager must instruct the relevant departments of the project manager department, in the formulation of the quality management plan, we should base on the goal, carry out a scientific and reasonable analysis of the elements in the implementation of the project process, and formulate practical, effective and economical plans, measures and adopt the corresponding technical standards to ensure the realization of the target quality. at this point, the project manager should personally do it.

According to the goal of implementation of the program, a planned, step-by-step grasp of quality control, so that the quality of the project is always in good condition, the key lies in the project manager to personally grasp the quality inspection from start to finish. it is important to understand that project quality control should be carried out according to the scheduled planning and technical standards. the essence of the control activity is to check whether there is any deviation between what actually happens in the construction and the planned plan and technical standard, whether the deviation is within the permissible range, whether to take strong corrective measures, so there is no plan and standard, it can not be controlled. 


In the actual construction, this situation often happens, ready to engage in high-quality projects but no plans and measures; preparing to overcome a quality common disease without predetermined criteria; even with the plan and standards are not implemented, construction only by experience and take for granted, so that the quality control of the project lost meaning. for those who do not meet the standards or do not operate as required resulting in quality problems, should strictly implement the relevant regulations, how to do. of course, the project manager himself should also bear the primary responsibility.

The project quality management is a continuous and comprehensive management in time and space, and it is a comprehensive management of all the elements and inputs of project construction. therefore, the project manager should understand that the project quality control can not be "single one", in the project construction process, people, machines, materials, france, ring these five elements, people are the determining factor.

Management, construction and operators' own quality plays a decisive role in the quality of the project. 


The quality of personnel on the impact of engineering quality is the performance of the quality of work, so the quality of work must be strictly managed. post education and technical bottom is the premise to ensure the quality of work, so through post education and technical bottom to establish a full quality awareness, so as to form in the quality of your catch-up with me conscious action, in order to form everyone cares about quality, one by one pay attention to the quality of the atmosphere, at the same time to implement competition mechanism, incentive mechanism and reward and punishment mechanism, so as to improve the quality of work, in order to achieve the purpose of ensuring the quality of the project.

The quality management can not talk about things, we must learn and master from the analysis of the basic characteristics of the project object, find out the impact of the quality of the project of the regularity of things and its main contradictions, a comprehensive and focused management.

Quality control management should continue with the continuation of construction, and with the development of cross-construction and expansion, in the whole process of control, special attention needs to be paid to the control of process quality. more importantly, the project manager from the comprehensive development, comprehensive quality has been comprehensively improved

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