Tuesday 7 December 2021

Product manager's skill tree: project management

Project management is a knowledge field closely related to the product, but also a part of the product manager in the daily work often come into contact with, master the project management ability, can help the product manager to better complete the product work. This article from 4 angles, the product manager why to do and how to do project management has been explained, together to see

In the internet industry, product managers are a relatively low entry threshold of jobs, more clear thinking logic ability, training a few months can start work. unlike research and development classes, to the training institutions in the first half of the class, it is possible to understand a fur.

However, the low threshold does not mean that everyone can be a product manager, especially product manager division of labor more and more segmented, product manager's job requirements are gradually clear, to have the ability to analyze needs, project management ability, but also understand the industry to understand users, the industry should also have a certain understanding.

Why is the product manager required to have project management capabilities?

I have a lot of companies in the past, and product colleagues eat together, heard a lot of complaints, said that research and development does not cooperate, test resources are tight, each time to do a version, like the war, make everyone nervous, you see next door research and development team 

Is very worry, product manager review the needs, we all do their jobs, seriously in accordance with the rhythm of the smooth completion of the project, with a very tacit understanding.

Why? Why are there two completely different endings?

There may be thousands of reasons, but one of them must not be ignored, is project management.

The previous team will have a full-time project manager, product manager needs review, follow-up will not have to pay attention. but as agile development became standard for internet companies, more and more product managers took on project management responsibilities.

Let's start by clarifying the concept of what internet companies are in project management:

Project management is to ensure that products can be expected, quality and quantity of online, and derived management skills, through a series of tools or systems to enhance the team's efficiency.

Why is the product manager doing project management?

The product manager is doing any work to set goals. the same is true of project management, what is the goal of a product manager to do a project? what are the benefits of a product manager's project management?

I've concluded that there are three points:

Easy to unify team goals

The product manager is the initiator of the project, before entering development, is to complete the definition of product objectives, the understanding of the needs is the deepest, the clearest to achieve the goals. the purpose of project management is to ensure that the team can achieve its goals, the connection is very smooth, naturally become the project owner.

Control the process, to achieve the results do not run off, rest assured

Everyone's understanding of the requirements can be biased, slightly different, will lead to project results and expectations, especially in the cycle of more than 2 weeks version, the product manager to organize the team for test review, re-ordering, etc., to achieve ideological unity.

take, for example

Product manager after the review meeting, to dig up new needs to go, the results into the acceptance link, found that the results and product definition is not the same, then fire, asked why research and development do not do according to demand, research and development said how simple to do, but also to achieve the final results, ask why the test did not test out, test said time is so tight, that can be all-encompassing, the result is right on the line.

This is the result of no project management project run out, we are all saying that they have a reason, no process management, no one is responsible for the results.

Therefore, the product manager can not do to shake the palm cabinet. according to the size and complexity of the version, the organization of regular meetings will synchronize progress, organize test case reviews, unify everyone's thinking and language, to achieve the needs of understanding without deviation.

Another benefit of product managers in project management is team building

Product managers also need a team that works with them to realize product value. and with the tacit understanding of the team, more through the project management of the run-in, so that products and research and development cooperation more tacit understanding.

How does the product manager manage the project?

at the end of the requirements review, the product manager completes the transition from the product manager to the role of project management. the focus has also shifted from the definition of goals to the management of the achievement of goals.

What does the product manager do in project management?

Eestablish a project schedule (clear objectives, unity of mind)

The first thing project management is to determine when to start and end, and the time nodes for each phase.

Clear timing, so that the team's design, front and back end research and development, testing will be in accordance with the rhythm. everyone on the schedule to do a number of hearts, the project process will not panic.

The division of labor is clear and responsibility is to the person

If there are more than 2 research and developments, the tasks are split, the division of labor is clear, and the person responsible for the phase is identified. only responsibility to the person, more can stimulate the team members' owner spirit.

The project manager's work at this stage is primarily to ensure that a reasonable task split is completed.

In addition, there is a point of project management is risk control. some people like to do things quietly, do not ask him not to say, to the last node, there is no way, said the project to be postponed.

Therefore, project management should pay attention to key time nodes, regular communication with the person in charge, reduce project risk.

Develop rules and processes

Project management is not a supervisor, staring at everyone to do things, but to unify everyone's communication language and code of conduct, reduce project risk.

The project manager needs to focus on two key elements most: requirements changes and test case reviews.

Requirements change process

In the process of project development, it is inevitable that there will be demand adjustment, whether it is copy update, or logical adjustment, to be synchronized to the project members, so that the progress is transparent, clear rules, changes in time synchronization.

The project manager can develop synchronization mechanisms based on the characteristics of the team, such as requirements documentation and email notifications. the goal is to keep the information in sync and to ensure that the product manager thinks carefully.

Test case review process

Many times to organize test case review, are testing in a solo play, product development is also nervous listening to the test talk, especially the large version, very easy to lead to a test case review process is very long, the effect is generally.

Processes can be developed

complete the test case xmind diagram and send it to the product, research and development first instance
confirm that it is correct, begin to refine the test cases, and prioritize the test cases
formal reviews only review high-priority test cases

Organize the project summary

The summary is divided into 2: the re-disc and the effect are synchronized.

The compound can effectively solve the problems encountered in the project cooperation, b-end product manager rapid promotion method - the compound disk.

When the version is online, the product manager, as the project manager, collects performance data and synchronizes it with team members, letting the team know that their hard work is productive and more inspiring to the team's sense of accomplishment and greater cohesion.

Regression: the purpose of project management

In today's internet companies, product managers are largely product decision makers, determining the value impact of products on users or customers, which also increases the product manager's sense of responsibility.

Product managers do project management, not only to complete the goal set, the most important thing is to ensure that the project can be in accordance with the established goals, quality and quantity of completion, in order to maximize the company and user value.

Through the run-in of project management, a tacit understanding is formed between team members to build an efficient team.

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