Monday 6 December 2021

Learn project management from zero

Project management is a very necessary skill in the daily work of product managers, in the face of the project in hand, how to effectively manage all the work involved in the project, what kind of thinking needs to be established? the author of this article shared our thoughts on quickly learning project management from 0, let's take a look at it.

project management is actually a mode of thinking, a cognitive thinking, want to learn project management, the most important thing is to first establish the thinking of project management, to maintain interest in it and constantly explore.

learning project management is itself an exercise in project management practice.

how can we achieve the goal of system learning from 0 to 1?

According to the project management process, to achieve the goal, you need to have the start-up stage, the planning stage, the implementation phase, the monitoring phase, the closing phase.

we can also be transformed into setting learning goals - developing a learning plan - starting to learn - practicing deliberately in conjunction with practice - evaluating learning outcomes - feedback - until learning goals are achieved.

Clear goals, why learn

before you begin, first ask the question: why do you want to learn project management?

or in order to expand their knowledge, not to communicate with the relevant personnel do not understand?

or have you already had your own career plan, hoping to supplement the theoretical basis for work practice, and precipitate a certain methodology for yourself?

or do you have a clearer direction for your project management path?

Most of the reasons revolve around learning, work, promotion, examination of these four aspects, no matter from which point of view, i think that the pmp certificate is the first step to let you quickly establish a knowledge system!

for the mp certificate, laoyuan witnessed how many people before the examination spit slot side examination, after a period of time on the real incense face.

but the certificate is only the beginning, if you ask the pm through the war "what project is the most difficult to do", "difficult project is the most difficult to do", want to do a good job in project management, in addition to professional theoretical knowledge and excellent skills, more importantly, you have to be able to better service team.

next to "want to expand in the direction of project management" as a learning purpose for everyone to share, how to start from 0 system learning project management.

second, dismantle the goal and determine the learning framework
or as it always is, the theory first: the development of a plan is actually the dismantling of the target, mainly divided into 3 big steps.

  • write big tasks
  • disassemble into small tasks
  • set up statistical metrics

now we're rubbing into a specific project management learning plan. after so many years of old plains, the ability model of project management has made a certain summary, a competent project manager, must be hard skills and soft skills two-pronged.

so the "big task" of learning is the basic skills plus practical experience of these two parts.

again, continue to dismantle, and the basic skills include "hard skills plus soft power".

Hard skills

among the hard skills are:

it is possible to establish a knowledge system for a short time under the guidance, and at the same time, to obtain authoritative certificates.

of course, the examination is only the first step, the project management is more practical.

Professional skills

to supplement the professional knowledge of the industry in which they are engaged, according to the unofficial statistics of laoyuan individuals: project managers who do not understand technology have narrow paths to promotion in project management, and subordinates are generally less compliant.

Tool use


Using good tools, and with good tools, will make your project management learning and work more efficient, or even do more with less. after all, since ancient times, tools have been used to free human hands and improve efficiency.

Process management can use Microsoft's Viso or Mac's denigration, as well as the more process on that product managers now use (primarily for drawing flowcharts).

Time management recommends using a "calendar" where knowledge management can use impression notes and Note, a powerful tool for building a personal knowledge system.

Teamwork and teamwork can be learned about work tile and team bition, as well as PPT reporting on the demo.

these are the tools you need to increase your efficiency at a visible rate in the future, and without using them, you may find that your brain is simply not working.

hard skills part of this, first do not rush to wade into the other, step by step to eat through it.

Soft power


Some people joked that the project manager is "eight-sided, leather pressure-resistant, funny humor." so to be a good project manager, soft power is also essential. without soft power, you'll find it hard to move the project forward.

"Funny humor": excellent communication and keen insight

Project managers need iq, but also need to have a high eq, because you need to always face customers, bosses, teams, to let customers feel at ease, let the boss rest assured that the team has information. so be sensitive enough to create a relaxed and efficient team atmosphere.



Everyone's path is shaping you. just as laoyuan wants to share their knowledge of dry goods to everyone, each hope that everyone can be more acceptable and like, will go to the direction of light humor to work hard. that's what i want to be.

As a manager, too, to make the team atmosphere relaxed and positive, you should create such an environment for your team, do a good job of positive external-to-internal, upward and downward communication and coordination, so that the progress of the whole project will not be blocked by communication.

This side laoyuan recommended a book, there is a sentence "friction, humor is the best persuasion and sharp instrument",I think very suitable for all PM, this book is called "humor is to speak comfortably."

laoyuan has always regarded the ability to work as their own personality shaping, every time to learn new knowledge, will constantly update their boundaries, sharing is also.

we are shaping ourselves all the time.

"leather pressure resistance" super pressure resistance

Some time ago the outbreak of the outbreak, the construction of mount fushen let people suddenly see our pm's super anti-stress, worthy of the "pillar of the country" ah.


Their thoughtfulness, their strong mentality, and often do not see mood swings on their faces are beyond the reach of ordinary people.

So want to do a good job in project management, anti-stress ability is the necessary ability, you have nowhere to escape, all the runners should be prepared psychologically.

Of course, from the project management of the hard nuclear work mode and then go out, other industries of the ability to resist pressure is sprinkler water meaning, the world can no longer let you panic emergencies.


Stress resistance is not only a necessary ability for project management, contemporary workers, which do not need?


Through careful dismantling, i believe that they need to hone the direction and field have a clear understanding, the next is the continuous practice feedback polished growth is good!

Three, deliberate practice - 1,20 hours? <> hours!

no kind of learning can be without practice, ancestors have evolved over the years left us nothing but a "practice out of the truth."

but can you keep practicing? in the execution phase, there are still many people who have learning mistakes.

Ten thousand hours of law?

USA specifically recognize the value of "working hard" in particular. from an early age by teachers and parents to learn more practice, as long as more practice, you can write well, this and our current 10,000 hours of law is the same.


The law of 10,000 hours means that in any field, a person can go from ordinary to master after 10,000 hours of hammering.

Convert to the ordinary person's work: work 8 hours a day, work 5 days a week, adhere to 5 years, you are the master of this field;

But obviously not, how many people around have not been on management for 10 years?

So the 10,000-hour law has huge flaws, and don't expect to build it up in long-term invalidity without a bit of ascension.

In this world, most of the good things are not very good, nor natural, need to be deliberate.

don't expect repeated mixing in one place to succeed.


20 hours of deliberate practice!


I sometimes watch ted presentations on weekends and recommend that you watch "20 hours is enough for you to learn any skill." through the speaker's personal experience, it takes only 20 hours to learn intent skills using the right method.


And the core of this method is "deliberate practice", other parts of laoyuan not much to say, we can search for their own view!


The essential difference between professional and amateur is not in the length of time invested or in skill proficiency, but in mastery of methodology.


The hard skills of project management and the specific framework of soft power have been combed in front of it, bit by bit to hone it.


For working people, in addition to focusing on the basic project management knowledge of pmp, the rest of the practice and practice need to be deliberately found from work and life, all growth must be deliberate, do not delusion ally your breakthrough in the natural.

If you happen to be in project management-related work, your practice opportunities are everywhere, just take advantage of it:


In soft power, from the side of the small things to dig, take the initiative to undertake the work of communication and coordination, proactive to assume beyond the current capacity of a little work tasks, improve their ability to resist pressure, it is best to take a little responsibility, so as to improve the resistance to pressure, but also extend your knowledge boundaries.


In terms of hard skills. in peacetime, more to communicate with the project technical professionals, conditions allow you to take the completed part back to the study, the problem with the professional small partners more communication and advice, improve their professional level;

If you are not engaged in related work or want to change careers, you can also in their current work, to find the corresponding application scenarios, actively strive to hone, repeat, and then optimize. After all, life is a project everywhere, including wanting to learn systematically project management is also a project.


So if you want to learn project management systematically from 0, follow the project management process approach to this goal for a practice

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