Tuesday 7 December 2021

Key steps for progress management

How to do a good job of project progress management? in fact, the key is the detail management.

Project management refers to the use of system engineering's viewpoint, theory and methods to plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate the project efficiently under the condition of limited resources, in accordance with the requirements of objective law, and to achieve the goals set at the time of the project.

There are many elements of project management, from three to four to five to six. 


The three elements of project management are quality, schedule, cost, and the six elements are quality, schedule, cost, scope, organization and customer satisfaction.

Item progress management is a very important part of whether it's three or six.

How to do a good job in project progress management, in fact, the key lies in detail management, the following are several key steps in progress management:

Do a good job of project schedule, determine the division of labor

This step may seem simple, but it is directly related to the completion of the entire project. therefore, in the project planning stage, we must spend enough time to do a good job of project schedule, in the decomposition of project tasks, particles as fine as possible, to ensure that the division of labor to people, and determine the deadline.

Project schedules can be generated using Excel or some online tool, update progress at any time, and are made public to team members.

Optimize the work flow, determine the work standards

The job flow among project team members is communicated through mail, Excel, or project management tools, and must be clear at the project launch. 


For example: product development projects, we can divide the job process into "demand collection" - "demand review" - "progress management" - "defect management" - "review review", each process by one or more responsible for the task status changes, and then into the next process.

Regularly check the project nodes/milestones

Many times we are responsible for multiple projects at the same time, or there are many other day-to-day work, how to ensure the normal operation of the project, which requires us to constantly check the project nodes / milestones, timely identify the project may be risks. also take the official website revision project example, if the project task flow to the ui design, but the design group has not been completed, we need to find the relevant person in charge of communication as soon as possible.

Project trivial affairs if afraid to forget, suggest that we can build a cycle task for themselves, for example, every day to check the official website revision project, the task will cycle to remind the person in charge.

The communication of project members

Communication during project execution is also important to ensure transparency and symmetry in information about project progress. if group a has done something well, need group b to do something else, if there is no communication, b may not know at all, so the project schedule will be delayed.

In general, the project team holds regular project progress meetings to synchronize progress with project members and reconfirm the deadlines for each task. 


But if the project team is useful for project management tools to collaborate and communicate, and the information is more open and transparent, the project progress will not have to be too frequent. of course, communication with key stakeholders is essential to check project progress on a regular basis.

Incentives from the project team

It's not much use to have project members working more passionately, just by cold management. project leaders should trust each member, and pay attention to the work status of members in real time, appropriately increase the fun of members in the implementation of tasks, do a good job must be timely encouragement, cultivate members' enthusiasm and self-achievement motivation. 


The whole team is motivated, and the completion of the project is a matter of water.

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