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How to write the work summary?


We do the summary every day, every week, every month, every year. so how to do a good summary, i simply explain, how i do the work summary.

In my work, the summary is divided into personal work (year/month) summary, project (week/month/year) summary, department (month/year) summary, i am all using ppt display.

how to write the work summary, how to write the work summary?

i. personal (year/month) summary

1, the completion of the plan

this is mainly described as the completion rate of the work plan for the month/year, the reasons for the outstanding work, and the expected completion time.

2, the main work review

the main explanation, the main things done, how to do.

3, work highlights (change)

the main show, after the work is completed, the highlights, bring about what changes are to be made. changes include changes in the relevant indicators involved in personal work, changes in the field, etc.

4, personal promotion and deficiency

it mainly expounds the personal work, in what aspects of growth, what progress. where deficiencies are and where they can be changed, and where improvements are needed, appropriate improvement measures are developed, as well as deficiencies in the departments identified in the position, with recommendations for improvement.

5, the next work plan

the main description of next month or next year's work plan, show the main three to five matters can be, and attached to the work schedule.

how to write the work summary, how to write the work summary?

second, the project (week/month/year) summary

  • The completion of the project plan. The main description is the completion of the project plan and the project progress description, the same unfinished reason description, and the expected completion time.
  • The project development process review. a review of key project activities or nodes is presented primarily.
  • The project brought about by the changes. the main demonstration, the project carried out with two changes, including changes in indicators, changes in the scene, changes in the team and so on.
  • There are risks and control measures in the project. it mainly describes the risks in the course of the project or the risks that may exist in future implementation, as well as the risk controls.
  • The next work plan, the next key activities or key nodes of the project are described primarily, with a project schedule attached.

The department (month/year) summary

1, the completion of the department plan

A, monthly summary mainly elaborates, the completion rate of the monthly plan, the reasons for the outstanding implementation, as well as the expected completion time; B, the annual summary mainly elaborates, the completion of the main items of the year, the reasons for the outstanding, and what to do next year.

2, month/year work review

mainly expounded, the main issues of the work review, unfinished to elaborate on the step to go?

3, department performance (change)

the main elaboration, this month or this year's work highlights, but also the main elaboration of changes.

  • The change of departmental indicators: whether to reach the annual target refers to, the reason for the failure to arrive.
  • Department site changes: after the improvement and improvement of the forward comparison, the picture is good.
  • Team changes: morale, concept, teamwork, etc. , there are better picture comparison, there is better video display.

4, the existence of shortcomings and improvement measures

it mainly expounds where the department has not done well enough, as well as targeted improvement measures. there are shortcomings, do not show too much, 1 to 3 items are appropriate.

5, the need for coordination of matters

it mainly expounds the matters that cannot be completed independently by the department, which require coordination at the corporate level and matters that require the assistance of other departments. it is mainly for cross-departmental matters.

6, the next stage of the work plan

The main elaboration, the main work matters (improvement matters) is appropriate, daily work should not be shown. attach a work schedule.

I am lean shrimp, the above is my experience to share, such as to you, welcome to pay attention to, like;

How to write a work summary, how to write a beautiful work summary?
beautiful work summary is generally point line surface overall organic combination of three-dimensional beautiful works.

one, point the points consist of two main aspects:

First, the summary of practices and results to highlight the bright features, let people's eyes bright, refreshing, impressive, can not remember the water account, all-encompassing, let people see no impression.

To summarize the problem deficiencies to highlight the key points, grasp the key points, really put the leadership concerns and the existence of the main problems, find the right to find in-depth.

The first line is practice, experience and effectiveness, what are the main measures taken? what have been achieved? what are the main experiences and inspirations?

The second line is the problem and deficiency, the difficulty, focusing on the current constraints on the development of key work there are major problems, bottlenecks, deficiencies, but also to further analyze the main reasons for the existence of problems.

The third line is the next work plan, mainly for the existing problems and the next key work to put forward specific work ideas and implementation plans.

The surface of these three lines is approximately parallel, with the essence interrelated and interconnected, forming a progressive relationship between layers.

One refers to the three lines of organic series on the basis of carefully combing the summary material framework and headlines, subheadings, titles can be used in total split, side-by-side and progressive, the general requirement is that the logic is clear and complete, there is no contradiction between each other, at the same time to mention appropriate innovation, can not "old bottles of new wine", let people see nothing new.

Second, the basic requirements of the whole summary are strict structure, strict logic, seeking truth from facts, not flamboyant, not fabricated, well-detailed, focused, simple language, not flashy.

In short, the key to do a good summary to reflect the characteristics of bright spots, impressive, on this basis to further polish the structure of the text, improve the overall "face value", "inside and outside" "outside City" naturally popular.

How to write the work summary, the daily work summary how to write?

Daily work summary

  • Summary needs to have a certain degree of generalization and narrative, pay attention to the details of the content, the main objective content complement each other
  • Their own work achievements and shortcomings, in this period of time, how much work, how to achieve, and what needs to be corrected in the work of the shortcomings
  • Their attitude and views on the work, the idea of the job, understanding
  • In the work of the lessons learned, for the problems can give what kind of advice, solutions
  • At the beginning of the article need to pay attention to the title, different titles will produce different effects, there is a more formal title of official documents, by ... time.... place.... main content..... the composition of the text, there is also a bias to the summary of experience, can more effectively show the characteristics of the article
  • The introduction should be written in the beginning of the work summary, generalize the basic situation, require simplicity, close to the center

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