Saturday 11 December 2021

How to write about the core competitiveness of the project?

Under the influence of economy, policy and other factors, more and more teams join the entrepreneurial army, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the call to "build core competitiveness" is constant.

What is core competencies?

With regard to core competitiveness, Google defines a difference in competitive advantage and core competencies between an enterprise or individual compared to a competitor.

however, we believe that this definition is not accurate enough.

what do you think is the core competitiveness of your project? on this issue, we talked to entrepreneurs and picked out the following answers:

"we're efficient and it's cheaper to do the same thing than others."

"we've partnered with 50 incubators across the country, and we know that's the largest in the industry."

"our team has a strong background, both are tsinghua ph.d.s, and have a lot of resources to support the project."

from the above answers, we find a problem, these entrepreneurs think that the core competitiveness, can only be called competitive advantage, not core competitiveness. unlike competitive advantage, the core competitiveness is obviously higher than other competitors, and even has certain barriers, is the other competitors in a certain period of time can not catch up and surpass the absolute advantage.

Describe and write core competitiveness?

participate in the entrepreneurship contest, or project financing, in communication with the judges, investors, will certainly talk about the project plan, but also will certainly talk about the core competitiveness of the project, then the core advantages, project competitiveness how to express, describe, more comprehensive, more advantages? next, i'll talk about personal experience, shortcomings, welcome to exchange positive.


What are the other names of core competitiveness?

core competitiveness, competitive advantage, core strength, characteristics, where to win, why you can do, why you can do better than others, bright spots, etc. , are sword point, is to ask your competitiveness, you than others cattle where.

How to express the core competitiveness


Internal excellence  

If it is a technology product, then describe the product's technological innovation, subvert traditional practices, while showing technology patents, invention is better, to be unique, at the same time, intellectual property protection. technological innovation and intellectual protection, others can not imitate, plagiarism, the establishment of high-intensity barriers. if it is business model innovation, it is necessary to reflect the unique advantages of resources or background, because model innovation you can do, others can do, the only can spell is who has more channels, resources, background strong, these hard work is the magic weapon to protect. cut a bunch of empty words, indefensible.

External advantage

Whether it is technological innovation, or model innovation, in the external comparison, that is, competitive analysis, without exception is more cost-effective than products or services. product function, product price, product service, product quality, consumers will not trace how your product innovation, how unique, he wants is full-featured, stable, low price, hard quality, good service, who is cost-effective, who buy, of course, there is no look at the brand price, this refers to the general population. therefore, in competitive analysis. 


The most important from the product or service cost-effective start, beat competitors, win the market. some people say, my products abundant raw materials, low cost, this is an advantage, this is an advantage, but this has been reflected in the external price. therefore, in the description of core competitiveness, can be systematic internal and external analysis, so that the advantages of mountain dew.

Points item by point display 


Some people will not internally or external analysis, or feel such trouble, it can also put your project's unique advantages, article by article, point by point, such as: technological innovation protection, how to innovate, subversion, and patent application, the establishment of technical protection barriers; this is also the current entrepreneurial competition often encountered problems, empty talk, there is no evidence.


Not only visible, but also invisible, that is, direct competitors, as well as potential competitors to be analyzed, at this time need to objectively evaluate each other's strengths and weaknesses, must not be in order to raise themselves, too demeaning each other, it is easy to cause arrogance, empty content, indefensible. direct opponent good analysis, table pull, parameters up, good or bad judgment. 


However, now that cross-border competition is popular, you must fully consider the industry you are engaged in, and in the future there are a few forces that may defect into rivals, timely prejudgment and prevention, in order to be invincible.

How to establish core competitiveness?

for the above six core competencies, we believe that start-ups can start with the following:

1. Improve the team's cognitive ability


For early investors, investing is investing, so-called investors, not just looking at the background of the hard-hit industry, but also their perception, that is, problem-solving ability.

 The same entrepreneurial direction, why can some people do the industry first, some people can not do? the root cause is a difference in management, product, and operational capabilities. the future trend of entrepreneurship will shift to the direction of core product technology advantages or brand operation, so the role of people in entrepreneurship will become more and more important.

2. Enhance the use of product value


Your company can ultimately survive, the quality of the product is fundamental, the definition of product quality depends on the user's degree of recognition, good user experience, high willingness to pay, low user churn rate, a good product.

Building a good product requires starting from the ground up, not a pseudo-requirement, and then deepening the positioning of the product through certain technologies, rules, or operations, creating value and content that users like and continue to use, ultimately generating emotion. in this way, even if someone wants to copy, it will take a lot of effort, not worth the loss.

3. Improve the ability and level of financing

Be prepared for a protracted war. in the competition, it is endurance that can only be achieved if the company continues to survive.

In a highly competitive battlefield, financing is essential, it can provide ammunition for enterprises, can speed up the development of enterprises, improve the valuation of enterprises.

If there are multiple investors to choose from, we recommend choosing a high-quality, that is, investors with more capital, less equity and more resources, who may directly affect the final competitive outcome between you and your competitors.

Before you can find a good investor, you need to improve your ability to raise capital, there are three main points, one is to make the project clear, the other is the ability to speak, but the most important is the third point - the project itself.

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