Tuesday 7 December 2021

Elements of the project

We already know that the core elements of a project are resources, time, and output, and that project management manipulates all three. therefore, for these three elements must have an in-depth understanding, we can do a good job in project management.


"in a project, the core resource is the people, and the people are the teams." so for the management of resources, it is actually the management of a team.

in addition to the technical strength of the team members themselves, there are other ways to improve a team's overall combat effectiveness. so how can a team be highly combative?

here are two things we need to do:

  • respect the individual's independent personality.
  • build a team's common understanding.
  • how do you understand these two points?

each team member is an individual and has his or her own personality. everyone has a good side, and there are some flaws. for example, some people do not speak much, the task can be delivered efficiently, but not good at communication;

a person's independent personality means that he is better suited to the role he plays in the course of this project and lets us know how to communicate with him. for a member who is not well communicated, we may need to assist him in his or her integration into the team. for members with strong understanding and communication skills, we just need to clear the task.

misalignment reduces team members' motivation and overall efficiency. put team members in the right place to make your team more productive. we should respect the independent personality of our team members and adopt appropriate communication methods for different members.

in addition, a team should be a diverse personality mix. a fully consistent team personality can de-energize a team. only the collision and combination of different personalities can keep a team alive for a long time.

after talking about individuals, let's talk about the team's common understanding.

if a team is just doing its own thing and doesn't have a common understanding, then the combined force is not the biggest.

what is common cognition? common cognition emphasizes two main points: one is the overall recognition of the project, and the other is the common project objectives.

for a team, if there is a deviation in understanding from the beginning of the project, the end result is predictable. the overall recognition of the project means the understanding and recognition of the project. we want to make sure that team members understand the project needs at the outset so that we can improve the overall communication efficiency of the follow-up.

the second is the common goal. a project is often completed by members of different groups, but the subdivision tasks for each group are different. in practice, if there is no common goal, it is likely that you will focus only on completing your tasks and neglect to work with other groups. so let's get team members to make the overall completion of the project a common goal, so that they can improve the cooperation between the members.


Project time is mostly confirmed by both methods.

First, there is already a clear project deadline to push back the project time;

If a project deadline is set, but resources are insufficient, we can do nothing but two things: extend the project time in disguise - overtime;



What is output? the output is the result of the project delivery.


In addition to the impact of resources and time on actual output, there is a hidden factor that also has a crucial impact on output - task.

As we mentioned earlier, a project is a task that is done within a constrained time frame with limited resources.

How do you understand the task? tasks are actually what we often say. the impact of demand on output comes mainly from two situations:

  • the demand is unclear. this can lead to higher communication costs and project rework.
  • changes in demand. new or adjusted requirements are changes in demand that require a reassessment of the project as a whole.
  • the reasons for these two cases come from two main sources:

Product design defects due to their own reasons, and demand is not clear. demand cannot be immediately identified for external reasons, or demand is temporarily changed.


Therefore, we need to try to ensure that the requirements are identified at the beginning of the project in order to avoid having an impact on the subsequent output of the project.

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