Sunday 28 November 2021

Preparation of project planning

Among the important tasks of pmo in the organization, i will talk about project support work from this time. project support is the basic work carried out by the organization's pmo. this is the first job that many organizations' pmo is working on. this time, i will talk about the project management plan preparation support work.

What is a project management plan?

The project develops a detailed plan for how the entire project will proceed in accordance with the project charter. to do this, we refer to a lot of information surrounding the project. a project management plan consists of a scope, cost, and schedule baseline that are management metrics, and an auxiliary plan that describes specific management methods.

The project management plan enters the execution of the project after the approval of the stakeholders, but changes the project management plan in response to changes in the status of the project that is running and maintains it until the end of the project.

Importance of project management plans

project management plans are created around the project manager. it is no exaggeration to say that the success of a project is determined by the success or failure of the project management plan. when you start a project with an ambiguous or unreasonable plan, the project is in crisis due to a lack of resources such as people, money, and goods during the project execution period.

Responding by standardizing project management

Project management helps projects develop relevant project management plans.

First of all, as i mentioned earlier, we will establish a "project management plan preparation standard" as a business for standardization of project management. this standard defines the items to be included in the project management plan. this ensures that there is no omission in the project management planning necessary for the organization.

it is also useful to attach metrics such as quality criteria to refer to when creating a project management plan, as well as resource criteria such as standard singles for resources.

in addition, we will establish an approval route for the project management plan. typically, the approver is the sponsor of the project.

in the "project management plan preparation standard", unfamiliar project managers may not have a specific image. in such cases, it is effective to provide a specific project management plan as a template.

Project management plan review

Next, it is important for pmo to create a system for examining the validity of the project management plan prepared by the project as a third party. especially in the case of large-scale projects, it is important to correct problems in the project management plan that the project does not notice through the project management plan review in order to increase the probability of success of the project.

first, make sure that all the items specified in the organization's project management plan preparation standard are described. next, you'll validate the scope, cost, and schedule baseline. they must be consistent with the requirements of the organization or the customer for the project.

next, check whether the person or expense input plan is scheduled, valid, and unreasonable. for example, in the case of workforce planning, it is a risk if there is no actual allocation of personnel to assign, even if it can be input in the man-hours on the plan.

also, verify that the management plan described in the supplementary plan, such as cost, time, quality, and risk, is viable.

in addition, make sure that the appropriate deliverables are planned for each operation of the product. in addition, an initial risk list must be created to manage initial risks and mitigations.

in the project management plan examination, the above matters are reviewed, improvement proposals are compiled as "project management plan examination report", and notified to projects, sponsors, and necessary stakeholders.

the project revises the project management plan according to the improvement proposals described in the report.

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