Sunday 28 November 2021

Importance of planning in a project

What is the priority of planning in your project for you?



According to a survey conducted by IT research firm Standards Group [UK], 83.6% of projects have failed. The reasons are mainly for this:

  • Poor requirements definition 13.1%
  • Lack of cooperation of users 12.4%
  • Lack of funds, people and time 10.6%
  • Unrealistic expectations 9.9%
  • Lack of management cooperation 9.3%
  • Changes to requirements and specifications 8.7%
  • Lack of planning 8.1%
  • Cancel project 7.5%
  • Lack of IT management 6.2%
  • Lack of technical literacy 4.3%
  • Others 9.9%

Which of these causes can you control yourself?

It's a "lack of planning." if your project plan has a low priority, i would like you to take this opportunity to rethink your thinking.

In this article, we consider the importance of planning in a project and introduce how to plan.

Why do i need a project plan?

In some projects such as system development, there are cases where there is no plan at all. Some cases, it may work, but when such a project fails, it is probably due to a lack of planning. So why do we need a project plan? there are three reasons for this.

(1) grasping the progress of the project

projects such as system development basically have a delivery date of "develop and deliver by 00". in order to meet this deadline, it is necessary to constantly check the progress of the project and change the response accordingly.

with a project plan, you can work efficiently according to the plan and proceed with the project without waste.

(2) common recognition among related parties

a common pattern of project failures is lack of communication between stakeholders. as a result, awareness and motivation for the project among stakeholders may change. if there is a project plan there, all members work with the same recognition, so there will be no trouble due to differences in recognition or discrepancies.

(3) responding to sudden changes

in projects such as system development, there is a probability that something changes will occur with a probability of close to 100%. among them, the most risk is the change in the specification design. it is only with the project plan that we can respond to such sudden changes.

if you have a project plan, you can always keep track of your progress and quickly expand your direction if there's anything change, so you can respond to sudden changes.

it is fair to say that project planning is essential in this way, and most of the projects that are inadequate will fail.

How to make a project plan

as a project manager, when you run a project, you first need a project plan. at that time, we will make a project plan, but let's write the following in the plan.

Project overview

In this field, it is important to determine the purpose and goals of the project. in the purpose, "what is the project for?", set a goal for the qcd and score a goal.


Provides the total amount of the project and its breakdown. it is important to write about cost from various perspectives. it is important to always clarify the cost, as it may be difficult to obtain understanding from management.


schedules manage the planning execution of a project. as mentioned above, project planning is important and should be addressed first. the planning period should also be as a schedule.

Project structure


Because the project is run by a team, you need to have a project structure in place. create a project structure diagram and role table to idolize the project structure.

Quality management

This section clarifies the value of the product to be developed and the tolerance of the level of realization, and depending on the size of the project, a separate "service level definition document" is created to define detailed criteria.



Many companies may cite communication as a cause for project failure. if you don't have a chance to contact each other, you will not be able to communicate well and communication will be slow.

Risks and countermeasures

Identify all the risks that may arise during the project and take further action. at this time, it is important to visualize all risks and take all measures against them.

This is the item for creating a project plan. if you create a project plan according to these items, the proposal will be completed.


Not focusing on planning in a project is like continuing your journey without a map or compass. be sure to plan your project to increase its success rate. and to properly develop your plan, consider using the tools as well

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