Saturday 2 October 2021

Why do we need a project evaluation system




Project work should be based on the planned deadlines, adhere to the TOR and the project charter, have systems for assessing and reassessing resources, deadlines and other components. Otherwise, such work turns into an indefinite time run without clear goals with hourly pay.

In a project, the customer pays for the result, not for working meetings, the time of technical specialists and the excuses of the project manager. The customer will not appreciate 13,000 hours of product development work if the product is raw and incapacitated. The customer will appreciate only a quality product.

Therefore, the lack of a project evaluation system along with the lack of fixation of project agreements and ignoring the prioritization of tasks is one of the main causes of problems in the implementation of the project.

A project evaluation system is a set of processes and tools that are aimed at timely evaluation, analysis and preparation of documentation on the continuation of work on the project or on making changes to it.

In terms of content, the project evaluation system belongs to the group of project monitoring and control processes and should include processes aimed at assessing important stages and elements of the project.

In small and medium-sized projects, the project manager responsible for the project evaluation system, in large ones, the controlling department or specialist of the project office and the program manager within which the project is implemented.

Let us dwell in more detail on the methods, tools and content of the project evaluation.

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