Sunday 3 October 2021

Project Completion Checklist


Here's a project management checklist to help you organize and make sure you don't miss anything. There's a lot to do before the end of the project, so you're far from lifting your legs, breathing a sigh of relief and thinking it's over.

  1. Product Execution: Make sure that all project products are complete, which includes successfully running any tests and checks. If you are performing version control, you should also check this and make sure that everything has full status.
  2. Calls and Transfers: Make sure that all required products have been signed as well and that all service transfers to users have been completed.
  3. Service Transfer Documentation: If there needs to be formal service transfer documentation (such as legal documents), make sure it has been completed and properly stored.
  4. Eligibility criteria: Check whether the criteria for acceptance of the project (set out in the Charter) have been met. Hopefully they all will be, but see hint below if not.
  5. Resource Release: Complete the release of project staff back to your home departments or perhaps to new projects.
  6. Celebration: Assuming the project was successful, it's time to celebrate working with the project staff. While you might think this is a light-hearted moment, it's a really serious question. It is important that you celebrate the achievement, thanking employees for their work and noting the success. When compiling a list of invitations, do not forget the staff and support staff.
  7. Release of a physical resource: Organize the return of equipment and the release of housing, for example, team rooms and, possibly, even entire sites.
  8. Privileged measures: Often some benefits are already visible at the end of the project, so they can now be measured and reported now.
  9. Metrics: Calculate the total financial expenses, hours of operation, productivity, and any other metrics required for the project completion report.
  10. Cost Code: Organize the project cost code that should be closed if it is not open to any product changes after the project closes.
  11. Evaluate the controls: Think about the project and assess whether the controls worked or if there were problems.
  12. Evaluate plans: Think and assess whether the plans worked or whether they were too detailed or not detailed enough to effectively manage projects.
  13. Gather lessons: Prepare a report on lessons learned from the project. Go back to your project log to make sure you pick up everything you need.
  14. Project Completion Report: Prepare a project completion report along with a business presentation if required by the Project Management Group (PSG).
  15. Project Completion: Make sure that you prepare for the end of the PSG meeting (this is similar to the final phase of the Gate), such as room reservations, presentation equipment and soft drinks.

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