Saturday 1 May 2021

Project Manager Role in Project



Typically, the project manager is responsible for the complete execution of the project and for the distribution of goals and objectives. One of its main tasks also includes working on one sell course. 


A person who takes full responsibility and guarantees the timely achievement of the desired result within this budget, and there is a project manager. His job is to coordinate the project before it is completed, making the most of the management tools, special techniques, experience, creativity and professional skill to achieve its goals. 


He must be endowed with leadership and management skills. The role of project manager is very similar to that of other operating managers; however, there are some important differences: the project manager must have extensive experience in almost all areas of activity, unlike a normal operating manager, who usually specializes in a particular area of management. 


In addition, the project manager plays a specific role in helping to create and develop the project itself, not just by monitoring its implementation.

Project manager's role

The project manager must meet the following requirements: the requirements of the task at hand- in the task, the team's requirements are their own requirements.

The manager's task is to meet the requirements set by the goal, as stated below:

  • Achieving the team's goals.
  • Planning any work.
  • resource allocation.
  • Determining tasks.
  • Distribution of responsibility.
  • quality control.
  • An examination of the progress made and the expected progress.
  • Check the performance of the tasks.

His task is to implement the requirements of the team:

  • Appointment of the first deputy.
  • Maintaining team spirit.
  • Setting standards and maintaining order.
  • Team training.
  • Create a system that facilitates communication with employees.
  • Improving working methods.

It must meet the following personal requirements:

  • The development of one's own individuality.
  • Balance the needs of the team and the goals set.
  • Balance the needs of the team and their own needs.
  • The ability to assess any situation.
  • Helping members of any team solve personal problems.

Project manager skills. To become a successful manager, you need to have the following skills:

  • The art of management in improving health, making changes and progress.
  • The ability to negotiate with subcontractors.
  • Knowledge is right.
  • The ability to evaluate alternatives and decision-making opportunities.
  • Planning and controlling countermeasures.
  • Awareness of possible financial risk.
  • High level of communication.
  • The ability to negotiate.
  • The ability to control people and lead them to achieve their goal.
  • Maintaining the established system.

In general, the project manager is responsible for the creation and opening of the project, planning, monitoring and its execution both in the management of the team and in the field of project creation. He must follow the goal and be responsible for all the work done. 


The manager must be experienced, dedicated, reliable and adaptable to any conditions, as he is at the center of the system, and the success or failure of the project rests on his shoulders.

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