Thursday 21 May 2020

Project Status Report Template

The project status report is written to indicate the exact status of the ongoing project. It is usually suggested to write the project status report in an easy and much simpler way. The efforts can be minimized by writing it in a simpler way but with an enhanced productivity.

The purpose of the project status report is actually that it depicts the exact frequency of the work that is going on and also helps to imagine the time period which the project will take place to complete. The objective of the project status report is complex so it should be designed in a simpler format so that the information can be updated regularly by utilizing the minimum time.

The main target areas for writing the project status report are as below;

Brief project progress summary:

In the very start of the report here is given the project progress summary with respect to the achieved targets and the planned targets. This information should be written with the help of the patent figures and the achieved targets status and should be up to date in every module and in terms of the deliverables.

Status of the work by the last week:

In this section the work done by the last week is given in detail but mentioning the important deliverables of the last week.

Work Planned for the next week:

The overview of the planned work for the next week is also given in this section. This is going to indicate the projected target areas.

Here is preview of a free Project Status Report Template created using MS Word,

Project Status Report Template

Project Status Report Template

The milestones and their relative achievements and completion status:

In this section there is given the details of all the basic or major milestones that were set in the planning of the project at the initial stages. The details are given in the tables with specific columns and row for the milestones description, its target date, the present date and the present status of the milestone.

All the milestones whether completed or under completion is given in the percent state so that completion status can be visualized. The table for the completion status of the milestones can be given in this format;

Milestone Baseline Date Target Date Achievement
Description of milestone dd-mm-yyyy dd-mm-yyyy dd-mm-yyyy

Similarly if there have been any changes in the planned objectives and milestones with respect to the target areas, or there are certain milestones that are still to be continued for the future they are mentioned with the relevant details in another table.

Milestone Impact
Description of affected/amended/changed milestone Briefly describe any changes to the project schedule required as a result of the amended milestone(s).

Open issues and Risks involved with meeting the deadlines:

In this section after giving the details of the status of each and every activity, the next step is to address frankly the problems or issues encountered while working at the project which hindered the activities and thus resulted in any sort of target delays and negated the performance efficiency.

These issues should be addressed for immediate remedial so that the remaining project can be completed well in time.

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