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Project Scorecard

Project Scorecard

Senior executives use venture scorecards, additionally referred to as balanced scorecards, to ensure undertaking pastime aligns with the strategies and visions of the corporation. The scorecard is a touch like putting the reader inside the motive force's seat of a vehicle.

They need a view thru a clear windshield to decide the route the mission is headed in and instrumentation consisting of the speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, and water temperature gauge to ensure the car is appearing correctly and not in hazard of breaking down or crashing. By the manner, the purpose these scorecards are often called "balanced scorecards"?

Previous to their creation, executives had handiest a view of the economic performance of operations or projects. A need was identified for a more "balanced" view of sports, one that would include measurements of different aspects of performance.

Mission scorecards need to fulfill 2 challenge necessities: the need for a car to talk mission performance and health to busy executives and the need to compare performance throughout multiple projects.

The suggestions and tricks described in this article will draw upon the mission control satisfactory practices described in the  (undertaking control frame of understanding). You could collect these excellent practices through taking a fine pmp course, or pmp examination coaching schooling.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Balanced scorecards, or bsc, had been devised and added by means of david p. Norton and robert s. Kaplan in 1992 to accurate the only-dimensional view of organizational performance supplied by using dimension units of the beyond. Performance changed into measured in terms of budget as much as that point and the downside of measuring financial overall performance become that it lagged in the back of different factors of overall performance.

As an example,

an employer that undertook a $5m challenge to capture a 10% growth in marketplace share worth $4m according to 12 months might appearance incredible if it had been completed for simply $four. 5m, but roi could not be measured till as a minimum the first yr after mission of completion.

Norton and plan proposed measuring organizational overall performance in three additional areas: customer, inner business strategies, and studying and growth to gain a more balanced view of organizational overall performance. Norton and plan believed that an organization acting properly in those regions may want to expect to carry out nicely financially as well. Performance size in those areas would also allow executives to be pro-active in correcting troubles that would cause poor monetary performance, in preference to reacting as soon as the corporation skilled the bad overall performance.

Balanced scorecards have been supposed to degree overall performance in all areas of the employer, no longer just task overall performance. A undertaking ought to fall under any person of the 4 areas of overall performance, or even below several, however will most effective depend for one aspect of organizational performance.

Using bsc by using the organizational will certainly affect the layout of the project scorecard, however the venture scorecard can not duplicate the layout of the bsc because the records available does not fulfill the necessities of the bsc.

Key overall performance indicators (kpi)

key performance signs, or kpis, is an acronym regularly used together with balanced scorecards. Balanced scorecards use five or 6 metrics in every of the 4 areas of organizational performance as measurements. The five or 6 metrics might be any person of hundreds that have been measured, however choice is confined by using the nature of the region (financial, patron, enterprise approaches, gaining knowledge of and growth), the nature of the business enterprise, and the character of the tactics and tools in region to seize the metrics. These metrics are referred to as key overall performance signs, or kpis.

This text is extra involved with giving you realistic recommendation on composing your undertaking scorecard, and deciding on the metrics to help it, than within the principle of balanced scorecards and kpis and for this reason i will avoid the usage of these acronyms as they do not without delay assist you construct your scorecard.

Goals & Targets

hold the best tenet "nice is a product's potential to fulfill customer requirements" in thoughts when choosing the metrics to base your scorecard on. The primary question a senior govt may ask concerning your venture is "what strategic intention or goal will this challenge help me meet?" the solution to this question have to be located to your business case and/or undertaking constitution.

There have to be one or  over arching targets defined in those documents which solutions that question. Strategic targets might be the ones targets or dreams that your organization can be able to meet as a result of your venture turning in its goals and targets. Your challenge targets might be to produce an engineering order and configuration gadget so as to store as much as 100,000 ancient software orders and up to 10,000 configurable software program programs, technique a client order and bring a software running system for the purchaser's central workplace smartphone switch.

Your corporation's strategic objective is probably to boom market percentage 10% by means of providing customers the capability to carry out configuration control of their software the use of your new software machine. Note that it is not the mission manager's obligation to acquire a 10% increase in marketplace percentage, really to supply the software program order and configuration control system that senior executives agree with will enable them to gain that intention.

Pick out the excessive stage task desires and targets which help the employer's strategic objective and perceive them with that goal. As an example, you can make the strategic objective the primary bullet and the undertaking objectives sub-bullets:
  •     boom the organization's marketplace proportion by using 10%
  •     introduce an engineering order and configuration system to be able to:
  •     save as much as 100,000 historical software program orders
  •     control up to 10,000 configurable software program packages in keeping with order
  •     procedure customer orders and build an running system
  •     manipulate software program library rules governing configuration
  •     control advertising and marketing guidelines
  •     pick out the software configuration of every customer's transfer

the main bullet need to be a strategic objective and no more than one page/slide really worth of helping mission dreams and targets must accompany it.

Overall Project Performance

the general task performance indicator should be derived from 3 or four signs of the undertaking's fitness. These are: overall performance to finances, overall performance to schedule, overall performance to scope, and best. The overall project performance indicator is a subjective evaluation of project fitness; there's no single metric which may be used. Pink, yellow, and green are normally used to indicate ordinary venture health with purple getting used to signify a project this is performing poorly and in want of intervention from sponsors, or steering committee to place it lower back at the rails.

Yellow is used to indicate a venture that is not appearing to set up requirements but which can be recovered the usage of sources currently to be had to the project.

Inexperienced suggests that the project is appearing properly. No matter because of this you use to indicate universal project overall performance, you ought to use overall performance indicator of the undertaking region that is appearing the most poorly to indicate typical mission fitness. If overall performance to agenda is yellow then average performance can't be inexperienced.

Performance to Budget

Earned cost control (evm) presents treasured and universally regular metrics for measuring a venture's overall performance to budget. The objective is to decide whether you have carried out the venture labored you deliberate for the budget you deliberate.

Price range will consist of the fee of all items, offerings, resources (human and non-human), and administrative offerings ate up by using the challenge. There are numerous exclusive approaches of mining the metrics needed to carry out these measurements. The best is the ms assignment file for the task, that could music most of these. Ms challenge indicates cash being spent at exactly the equal price as interest of completion. The finances for the c++ programming is exactly 72% fed on whilst the c++ programming is 72% entire. This could not be what your target market is searching out.

Take a look at for economic reports being issued with the aid of your finance organization that degree price range intake on your undertaking.

Those reports are in all likelihood to be ones study through senior executives and issuing a monetary document of your very own which does no longer align with the only from the finance branch ought to result in hours spent reconciling the 2 reviews. Some things to recall when you collect your metrics:
  •     are there any time tracking tools utilized by the finance branch to song exertions costs?
  • While does the finance branch don't forget labor budgets spent? When the price is incurred? While the cheque is written?
  • While the cheque is cashed? Whilst does the finance department do not forget the cost of materials incurred?
  • Whilst the substances are bought? While they're brought? Whilst they're used?
  • When the cheque is issued? Use reports from the finance employer to base your reviews on and give an explanation for how you used them, if possible.

If economic reports primarily based at the challenge aren't to be had to you, analyze the strategies utilized by finance for his or her reports and make your metrics conform to your organization's monetary reporting techniques.

There are several distinct evm performance signs which use economic metrics. The value variance is the only. It actually compares the actual fee of work achieved to the budgeted price of the paintings finished (cv = bcwp - acwp).

A terrible quantity shows a mission that is over finances, a fine amount suggests a task that is below price range. Earned fee is truly the evm term for the budgeted cost of work performed (cv = ev - acwp). The fee performance index, or cpi, is any other indicator of a project's financial health. The cp is an absolute fee in foreign money at the same time as the cpi is a comparator and may be used to evaluate a task's performance to budget in one length in opposition to some other length, or towards every other challenge.

The cpi is calculated via comparing the variance to one, with 1 being exactly on price range. The system for calculating the cpi is bcwp/acwp. A cpi greater than 1 indicates a task this is under price range, a cpi less than 1 suggests a venture this is over price range. Burn fee is a 3rd indicator used to indicate undertaking performance to finances. The burn charge of the undertaking is surely the price at which the challenge finances is being spent.

Quicker than the plan?

Slower than the plan? Or precisely to plot?

The burn charge is the inverse of the cpi so the formula for calculating the burn rate becomes: burn fee = 1/cpi. A burn charge of greater than one method your task is ingesting finances faster than planned and will exhaust the budget earlier than all of the work is completed. A burn price of much less than one suggests your undertaking is eating budget slower than planned and could entire before the price range is exhausted.

Performance to Schedule

Performance to agenda is the size of how quickly the paintings of the undertaking is being achieved. Is it being performed on time?

Beforehand of time?

At the back of time? Your project may be acting properly to schedule however appearing poorly to budget so the signs used to degree cost performance cannot be used to measure schedule performance. Your undertaking can be ahead of agenda due to the fact you spent price range on time beyond regulation work to attain your head begin.

Your ms challenge document can be your only source for the metrics you need to measure agenda performance. The record ought to capture schedules in terms of time - hours, days, weeks, or months. The bottom size for time table overall performance is time table variance, or sv.

Sv may be calculated the usage of financial gadgets (as dictated by evm), or in devices of time as long as you stay with one measure and use it always throughout the project. The evm system for calculating sv is bcwp - bcws (budgeted value of work done - budgeted value of labor scheduled).

You can use monetary devices, hours, days, weeks, or months as gadgets of degree for bcwp and bcws. A fine sv shows a project beforehand of agenda and a bad sv suggests one that is delayed. Schedule performance index, or spi, is the agenda equal of the cpi and is calculated with the formula spi = bcwp/bcws. An spi of extra than 1 indicates the task is ahead of agenda and an spi much less than 1 suggests the assignment is not on time.


The scope may be regarded through 2 special lenses. The alignment of the mission to the unique set of deliverables diagnosed for it and the amount of time or cost of the approved adjustments to the scope.

Show your project's overall performance to scope via displaying the planned deliverables for the assignment, the deliverables created, and the value of the brand new features permitted for the undertaking. Restrict the list of deliverables to key deliverables and imply whether or not they are planned or constructed.

Modifications to scope can be proven as deltas to the assignment's planned scope. Display additional functions and capabilities and their associated fees and also display functions and functions that had been removed from the plan with their expenses.


Nice overall performance may be measured in an expansion of ways. Your primary supply of exceptional metrics should be the problem or trouble monitoring device used to report insects located via the qa (pleasant guarantee) organization. This tool should be able to generating just about any record you care to invite of it and be able to interrupt the recorded problems down in line with the subsequent categories:

  •     via severity
  •     by way of cause (software program Trojan horse, facts, query, etc.)
  •     by location or utility
  •     by using repute (open, period in-between, constant, closed, and so forth.)
  •     by way of proprietor (software program development, database administrator, etc.)
  •     re-opened tickets

there are 2 metrics that will be of hobby while qa activities are underway: the wide variety of tickets opened in a period and the quantity of tickets closed in a duration. You can also want to record at the range of errors found in keeping with 1k traces of code, or another indicator of the great of the improvement work.

Just keep in mind that the last intention of exceptional management is to provide a product that suits the clients necessities so reporting on a big volume of opened tickets have to not be a motive for alarm. Many more tickets being opened than are closed in a length, or a big quantity of tickets being re-opened may be reason for alarm.


the fee of your scorecard will very lots rely upon the accuracy of the metrics it consists of. Use discretion while deciding on metrics to file. Most effective pick those which you can verify. Take care in the seize and storage of the records you operate; start by keeping your ms task file correct and up to date. Your records in all likelihood might not be a hundred% accurate irrespective of how careful you are so inform your audience of your assessment of the statistics accuracy and of ways the facts is captured and retrieved for the scorecard file.


Do now not attempt to create a scorecard record the usage of most effective text. The document may not be read. Use a media that quality supports the metric being mentioned. You could need to stick with the automobile dashboard/windshield analogy wherein case a site visitors light showing red (prevent),

Yellow (continue with caution), or inexperienced can be an effective visible resource to the overall challenge overall performance indicator. A speedometer showing a range of cpis with the needle pointing to the contemporary cpi is also a amazing visible indicator (if a touch gimmicky).

Bar graphs are an ideal way to show historic facts consisting of traits. Showing the undertaking's current cpi or spi tells the viewer if the task achieved at, underneath, or over for the reporting period however showing a rolling window of 10 reporting durations really worth of cpis or spis tells the viewer the same element plus whether or not overall performance is enhancing or degrading. Trend traces will make the photo clearer and a line on the  Zero index will show wherein the undertaking have to be appearing.

Scatter diagrams are useful for showing the causal relationship between two variables, one in every of that's beneath the manage of the experiment. The manipulate, or unbiased variable is plotted along the horizontal axis and structured variable is plotted alongside the vertical axis. This type of chart is useful in showing the consequences of a method alternate on a high-quality metric.

There are numerous off the shelf device units to be able to take the metrics you want to file and turn them into a outstanding visible show. You can use this type of gear and experiment with it's features, selecting a mixture that fits your target audience, or you may use the visual aids you've got to be had to you to custom make your personal.

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