Friday 22 February 2019

Quality management plan | Improvement of project management

What is Quality Management Approach?

The purpose for managing quality is to validate that the project deliverables are completed with an acceptable level of quality. Quality management assures the quality of the project deliverables and the quality of the processes used to manage and create the deliverables.

The quality management plan identifies these key components:

Objects of quality review
Quality Measure
Quality Evaluation Methods
Project Deliverables
Deliverable Quality Standards

Completeness and Correctness Criteria
Quality Control Activities
Project Processes
Process Quality Standards

Stakeholder Expectations
Quality Assurance Activities

The following is a brief explanation of each of the components of the quality management plan.

Project Deliverables and Processes

The key project deliverables and processes subject to quality review.

Deliverable Quality Standards and Completeness and Correctness Criteria

The quality standards that are the “measures” used to determine a successful outcome for a deliverable.

The completeness and correctness criteria describe when each deliverable is complete and correct as defined by the customer. Deliverables are evaluated against these criteria before they are formally approved.

Process Quality Standards and Stakeholder Expectations

The quality standards that are the “measures” used to determine if project work processes are being followed.
Stakeholder expectations describe when a project process is effective as defined by the project stakeholders. An example is the expectation to be regularly informed monthly of project status.

Quality Control Activities

The quality control activities that monitor and verify that the project deliverables meet defined quality standards.

Quality Assurance Activities

The quality assurance activities that monitor and verify that the processes used to manage and create the deliverables are followed and are effective.

How to define Quality Management Objectives?

The following are the quality objectives of the project that reflect the overall intentions to be applied with regard to quality throughout the project.

  • Deliverables support improved project management proficiency at Organization
  • Deliverables meet the requirements of Organization leaders and project managers
  • Deliverables align with industry best practices for project management and Web delivery
  • Deliverables are easy to use
  • Project practices conform to recommended project management standards

How to Improve Project Quality Control?

The focus of quality control is on the deliverables of the project. Quality control monitors project deliverables to verify that the deliverables are of acceptable quality and are complete and correct.
The following table identifies:

  • The major deliverables of the project that will be tested for satisfactory quality level.
  • The quality standards and the correctness and completeness criteria established for the project deliverable. Included are any organizational standards that need to be followed.
  • The quality control activities that will be executed to monitor the quality of the deliverables.
  • How often or when the quality control activity will be performed.

Project Quality Assurance

The focus of quality assurance is on the processes used in the project. Quality assurance ensures that project processes are used effectively to produce quality project deliverables.
The following table identifies:

  • The project processes subject to quality assurance.
  • The quality standards and stakeholder expectations for that process.
  • The quality assurance activity – such as a quality audit or reviews - that will be executed to monitor that project processes are properly followed.
  • How often or when the quality assurance activity will be performed.

Project Process
Process Quality Standards/
Stakeholder Expectations
Quality Assurance Activity

Describe Quality Team Roles & Responsibilities

The following identifies the quality-related responsibilities of the project team and lists specific quality responsibilities.


Project Team Role
Assigned Resource
Quality Control  and Quality Assurance Responsibilities
Executive Sponsor                            .
Project Sponsor

Project Manager

Lead Framework Developer

Core Team Member

Technical Editor

Web Accessibility Committee

Cross-Browser Testers

Training Consultant

Create Quality Control and Assurance Problem Reporting Plan

Quality was managed rigorously but informally during Phase 1.  Beginning with the initiation of Phase 2, this project will manage quality according to this quality management plan.  The project manager will monitor quality and report exceptions to the executive sponsor and the project sponsor as part of monthly status reporting, or more frequently if conditions warrant.

The following logs will be used to itemize, document and track to closure items reported through quality management activities.

Project quality management template

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