Friday 22 February 2019

Project Charter Executive Summary Template | Project Management

A project charter executive summary is a document use to initiate for sponsors for a project. This document usually creating by project manager to plan and executing resources to project activities.

Project Charter Executive Summary Template

Project Charter Executive Summary Template

What to include in the Project Charter Executive Summary Template?

The contains of the executive summary for the project management are as below:

Executive Program Sponsor

Executive Sponsor: Identify the executive-level manager who initiates or approves (funding, prioritization, and resource authorization) a new program or project and acts as liaison with other executive staff members to champion, guide, and monitor a given project. 

Project Sponsor: Identify the person who defines the project goals and to whom the final results are presented (typically a senior manager).

Other (Sustaining) Sponsors - Optional.  Identify other (business or IT) senior managers required to ensure successful development or implementation if the Executive sponsor’s organizational scope does not encompass all key aspects of development and delivery.

Project Manager

If chartering a program list, the program manager and all project managers underneath program umbrella.

Project Team

Identify all work groups and individuals in those work groups required to design and implement the project.  Include permanent, contractor and vendor. One work group per row. Do not forget functional team members if user acceptance testing is in scope.

Goals, Objectives, & Measures:

Goal: Identify the high level desired state, e.g. ‘be world class IT’
Objectives: Identify the more specific, tangible statements required to achieve the higher level goals, e.g. ‘best in class help desk’.  Typically, there are 3-7 objectives for every goal.
Measure: Identify how you know when you are successful with the objective, e.g. ‘benchmark of help desk against industry average’.  If one measure isn’t enough to ensure the objective is successful then list 2 or 3.  Be very careful however, not to overdo the measures.

Project Scope

What is IN scope?  This is where you set the expectation on what the project will accomplish.   Defined and specific project beginning and end points (boundaries). The more specific the details (what's in-scope and what's out of scope, the less a project may experience "scope creep".  Should encompass the who, what, where, when, and why of a project.  Common scope elements, include organization, geography, functionality, etc.

Out of Scope:

What is OUT of scope per boundary components identified above?  This is equally important for setting expectations.
What to Look for: Do not allow this section to be minimized.  All Sponsors and Stakeholders have stated or unstated expectations.  It requires both in Scope and Out of Scope to fully establish the initial expectations.

Project Deliverables 

What are the process, technical, or documentation deliverables? 

Estimated Cost Benefit

Can be either quantified benefits or ‘soft’ benefits such as ‘consistent and predictable…’


Are there any key assumptions required for successful completion, e.g. multiyear funding will be approved, the network capacity will have sufficient bandwidth to handle the transaction load, etc.


Are there any other projects that rely on deliverables from this project (development, implementation, or support) of this project or vice versa?


Are their known areas that have the potential to inhibit project success?   A risk is not to do or action item – it is threat. All identified Risks must be actively managed by the project manager.  Risks can turn into Issues if not addressed.

Communication Strategy

What are the key internal and external audiences needing communications and what is the communication media?  At minimum all sponsors and development/support stakeholder’s organizations should be on the list. Consider when an ECP is needed, and project status requirements.

Project Milestones

At the Project Charter level, you need to list the HIGH LEVEL milestones.  Each high level milestone will have many components. 

Related Projects / Impacted Systems

Are there any other projects that impact the success (either development, implementation, or support) of this project or vice versa?

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