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Free project executive summary report template

A project executive summary report is a business document may contain components of plans, proposals, research, goals, objectives, and analysis. Actually this is introducing statement of the project in the summary. Most of the businesses are using this template to ensure the project status and focus on the goals, objectives, targets and deliverable.  

project executive summary report sample

What to include in project executive summary report?

Here is the description of each component of the project executive summary report:

1.    Project Description
1.1    Goals and expectations
1.2    Objectives
1.3    Goals and expectations results
1.4    Acceptance results
1.5    Influencing factors
2.    Project Financial overview
2.1    Quality metrics
2.2    Adherence to quality system
3.    Project changes
4.    Recommendations
4.1    Recommendations to customers
4.2    Delivery team recommendations to management
4.3    Additional opportunities

Actually the project executive or summary for execution of the project is the brief introduction of the entire project. Normally this is very important report may help to organize information with in short description. This section will be gives an idea to sponsor / reader about the project status and progress of each stage of the project. Hence, here we tried to make some points which are necessary to include in the project executive or execution summary report:

Elements of an executive summary

Project description

Normally, this section includes a short description of the project. The description section of the statement of works / tasks includes in the contract / or in the project plan can be use here. This is very important point even, you can describe the project type, length etc. in the short here in.

  1. Goals and Expectations: Define the goal of the project in measurable terms, such as the schedule, budget, and so forth.
  2. Objectives: This section includes a description of the project business objectives
  3. Goals and Expectations Results: Describe how each of the goals, expectations and objectives listed above were met during the execution of the project.
  4. Acceptance Results: Describe the process by which deliverable acceptance was obtained. For example: “Acceptance Certificates have been signed by the business owner for each deliverable submitted and are maintained in the Project File”.
  5. Influencing Factors: Describe the factors encountered during the project execution, which most influenced its progress.  For example: “Encountered numerous scope changes, due to changing requirements.  These scope changes were managed using the Change Control Process, but resulted in the overall project slippage of three calendar months”.

Project Financial Overview

Describe the overall financial status of the project.  Include total revenue planned vs. total revenue realized; total direct profit margin planned vs. total direct profit margin realized; total gross profit margin planned vs. total gross profit margin realized.
  1. Quality Metrics: Describe the quality metrics that were adhered to during the project execution.  The description of the metrics can be taken out of the deliverables section of the Project Plan.
  2. Adherence to Quality System: Describe the results of Quality assurances, internal audits, and any external audits which may have taken place during the project execution.

Project Changes

Describe in this section, any changes from the original Project Plan that occurred.  Include a description of change orders, and their impact on the overall project.


  1. Recommendations to Customer - Describe in this section any recommendations to be made to the customer at the end of the project.
  2. Delivery Team Recommendations to Management - Describe in this section any ‘lessons learned’ on this project which may be beneficial to others
  3. Additional Opportunities - Describe in this section any additional opportunities.

Actually the project executive summary report may help to highlight important points of a project. Normally management expecting the summary report from the project manager as status of the project. Project manager is preparing the executive summary report to describe status without any deep details. This details are helpful for the management to understand the project actual status. Even through management can take the decision for the future planning. Hence, this report is very important part of the project management.

Free Templates

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