Thursday 3 January 2019

What is Systems, processes, and procedures for business?

business procedures
Systems, processes, and procedures. Too many businesses and organizations fail to create systems, processes, and procedures in order to standardize the way things are done. Every organization requires standardization in order to provide customers and clients with a consistently high level of quality and service.

Systems and procedures are in accordance with the management activities, then the system must guarantee availability the data required by the management in directing the company events and in giving reports to the owner, so the interested parties and also on other parties who interestsagainst the data.

Sobbing the data required to ensure the availability of data to the users of the report. Therefore, a system of a series of intertwined which is appropriately plan must specify, among others, the collection of recording in the form of reporting of data in an efficient, measurements of all stages of the operations of a company , authorize and responsibility as well as the checking of error possibilities and embezzlement.

The procedure in a system usually have close relationships and influence each other, making it difficult to be separated. This situation would be if one of the procedures were revamped, then usually other procedures will be influential, so it need also to be considered.
The interconnectedness that is one part of the procedure, since the type, shape and size of the company or is not the same, then the system will be compiled to an enterprise will not be confused with another company, in this case to note that It is the special properties of their respective companies.

Before penguraikan systems and procedures that are more in-depth, the following will put forth some notions or definitions of systems and procedures which are summed up by par4a economists.
The system is as a device of elements to regularly forming an interrelated totality.

A system is an arrangement that regularly on activities of mutually dependent and related procedures complement each other and facilitate the implementation of the work of a the activities of the Organization are essential.

From the notion above that complementary activities of all kegantungan, so that the activity is not unemployed, because need each other so when no activity on that one, then the other breaks waiting for such activities.

A system was declared abstract or physical. A system of abstract is a regular arrangement about the idea, or interdependent conceptions. A physical system consisting of parts interconnected to operate together to achieve a goal or intention.

The system is composed of a whole range of specific parts to facilitate the activity.

On the basis of some of the definitions above, it means a new bashwa system is not a set of elements which are arranged in a regular, but no composed of elements that could known as complement each other because the only purpose and the purpose or goal. In this connection can be seen with the linkages of the system.

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